Lola Young: A Fresh Voice in Modern R&B Lola Young: A Fresh Voice in Modern R&B Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

Lola Young: A Fresh Voice in Modern R&B

The BRIT-nominated songstress from South London, Lola Young, has been carving a notable path in the music industry with her introspective songwriting and soulful voice. Her latest single, ‘Conceited,’ released via Day One / Capitol Records, has already captured the digital world by storm, amassing over 4.3 million views on Instagram reels. This track exemplifies Lola’s ability to blend punchy basslines with hypnotic electronic melodies, offering a fresh take on the R&B genre.

‘Conceited’ is produced by the talented Solomonophonic, known for working with names like BROCKHAMPTON, Remi Wolf, and Dominic Fike. The single provides an unfiltered view into relationships with selfish partners, infused with Lola’s distinct London flair—a style she’s made unmistakably her own.

Lola’s previous project, “My Mind Wanders and Sometimes Leaves Completely,” has also been met with critical acclaim. It’s a body of work that highlights her honest lyricism and impressive vocal prowess. The project includes the viral sensation “Don’t Hate Me,” which achieved over 800 million views across various platforms, catching the attention of high-profile admirers such as Bella Hadid and Kylie Jenner.

Currently, Lola is expanding her horizons with a debut headline tour in the United States, hitting major cities like Chicago, New York, and LA. Fans across the country are eager to experience her live performances, which promise the same raw emotion and energy found in her recordings.

Lola Young: A Fresh Voice in Modern R&B Lola Young: A Fresh Voice in Modern R&B Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine
Photo Credit: Amy Peskett

“Conceited” is not just a song; it’s a narrative of confronting a SELFISH LOVER. With punchy basslines and mesmerizing electronic melodies that are as hypnotic as they are electric, Lola takes her audience on an odyssey of emotional and musical resonance. This piece, teeming with authenticity and raw emotion, has made waves worldwide.

Lola Young: A Fresh Voice in Modern R&B Lola Young: A Fresh Voice in Modern R&B Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine
Photo Credit: Amy Pesket

Vanity teen had the opportunity to sit with Lola Young and this is what happened:

Lola Young x Vanity Teen:

  1. Your sound has often been compared to iconic artists like Amy Winehouse and Adele. How do you feel about these comparisons, and in what ways do you believe your music carves out its own unique space in the R&B genre?

    LY: I can’t complain when I hear those comparisons, they are massive compliments to be honest. I do still believe my sound is unique in many ways and I am slowly but surely becoming more confident in saying and believing my sound is unique and separates me from other artists.

    1. The title of your recent project, “My Mind Wanders and Sometimes Leaves Completely,” is quite evocative. Can you delve into the inspiration behind this title and the overarching theme of the project?

    LY: Yes, so the project title stems from a lot of different factors in my life, one being that I have a very erratic mind and way of thinking. I can never have a clear train of thought so that explains the title on a more surface level. On a deeper level, it alludes to my experiences with my mental health condition, which I always like to raise awareness of, as mental health issues are still massively stigmatised and mine plays a very significant role in my life. My condition, without going into too much detail, can lead me to losing my mind and becoming detached from reality hence the title “My Mind Wanders And Sometimes Leaves Completely”

    LY: The project as a whole is a complete and utter honest insight into my mind, my insecurities, my strengths, my weaknesses, my worries, my fears and my horrible ugly ex’s!

    1. “Conceited” is your latest single, showcasing a fresh perspective on dealing with a selfish lover. Can you talk about the inspiration behind this single and how the process of creating it with producer Solomonophonic came about?

    LY: This song came about when we were all pretty f**ked up but to be fair we did have the backbone of the song before we all got too wasted. I remember distinctly wanting to write about a man who is so up his own ass, he doesn’t realise that love is more than an action, it’s a feeling and buying flowers isn’t always going to make everything fine and dandy. It’s about a man who deep down makes you feel sick, but you get off when playing with his emotions. Solomonophonic is a pure wizard genius, as are the boys (Manuka) and Will (one half of manuka) came up with the incredible melody for the chorus and I instantly fell in love with the song further. I loved the lyrics I’d written so far but that was the cherry on top. 

    1. Your music resonates with a global audience, as seen in the viral success of “Don’t Hate Me” from your previous project, attracting notable admirers like Bella Hadid and Kylie Jenner. How does it feel to have such a wide-reaching impact, especially with influential individuals among your listeners?

    LY: It feels amazing and it is so motivating, it’s incredible to see the reach and effect my music has had on people everywhere. I also am aware this was a trend but it still feels incredibly satisfying to watch. 

    I had also been making and releasing music for a while before the success of don’t hate me, so it feels so good to see things finally picking up for me.

    1. The Brit School has been a stepping stone for many successful artists. How has your time there influenced your approach to music, and are there any enduring lessons or experiences from the Brit School that still resonate with you today?

    LY: Brit school, now looking back, was a really wonderful place to be as a young person who is developing their skills and wants to pursue a career within the creative industries. It was a great healthy place to learn and create freely, whilst it was a school in many ways and had some expected traditions in place, the atmosphere was super fun and accepting, warm and welcoming and I didn’t listen to everything the teachers said (mainly because I was pretty rebellious in school in general) but if I did.. I’m sure I’d be a lot smarter lol

    1. As you venture into the American market with your debut headline tour across Chicago, New York, and LA, what are some of the anticipations and goals you have for this new chapter of your career?

    LY: Recently I haven’t been setting too many goals, I like to focus on what I am currently working on musically and anything that comes as a byproduct of my hard work is a bonus.  When setting goals in the past, I would have felt let down if I had not achieved them. I have done that plenty of times and it feels sometimes like setting myself up for disappointment. However, saying this, one of my previous goals was to sell out an American tour, so yes, that was an incredible achievement.

    1. Working with various producers like Manuka, Paul Epworth, and Solomonophonic on different projects, how do you ensure a cohesive sound while also exploring new musical territories?

    LY: I don’t think I do. lol. I think my sound has changed massively over the past years and even though I am proud of all my work; in my head it doesn’t feel super cohesive sonically; everyday I am learning and changing and developing/recreating myself and my sound. I do however sometimes feel like what glues my music all together, is my voice and my songwriting which has also changed but is still always me, honest and real. 

    1. Your family background is quite diverse, being of Jamaican-Chinese and English descent. How, if at all, has this cultural diversity influenced your music?

    LY: It has massively influenced my music, my knowledge of music, and of course my knowledge and deep rooted respect for black music and how that changed music as a whole in many ways. I feel connected to other artists who are also mixed race, and I admire them being able to express both sides of their identity through their music.

    1. The music video for “Conceited” is directed by Saorla Houston and is set to release soon. What was the experience like working with Saorla, and what can fans expect from the visuals?

    LY: It was such a wonderful, creative, fun and super fulfilling experience, Saorla is an incredible director and made me feel so comfortable being myself on set and it made for such a sick, beautifully shot video that to me feels fresh and different to anything I’ve done before. I love working on music video shoots and also love when a director can take positive input, whilst guiding me through areas I may struggle with and cheering me on to ensure I feel super comfortable at every moment, and that’s exactly what Saorla did, she was gorgeous.

    1. As you continue to broaden your horizons, both geographically and musically, what are some of the core messages or themes you wish to explore in your upcoming projects?

    LY: For me, I can only say that when they arrive. I do have an album that I’m working on, I don’t want to give too much away, I am already so proud of it and I feel mad excited to release it into the world, I just want to make sure I’ve said everything I need to say on it first, and it’ll be all yours.

    Get ready to be enthralled. Welcome, once more, to the mesmerizing artistry of LOLA YOUNG.

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