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L’art Décontruit by Ruben Branches

Photographer and creative Ruben Branches @rubenbranches presents this artistic and colorful fashion editorial exclusively created for Vanity Teen online with the model Daniel Christian @__danielchristian represented by Dabanda Model Management @dabandamodelmanagement.

The editorial was inspired by the different types of paintings and the process behind them, the different types of artists and their background. “When I started planning the moodboard it was all about a beautiful blazer piece from a Portuguese designer named Diogo Vandersandt that has a beautiful concept and painting, after that piece I decided to focus on art and painting that I’m very passionate about,” says the photographer, creative director, and stylist Ruben Branches.

The photographer used a Canon 6D MKII with a 24-70mm Tamron, and he also used the flash Godox V1. The shoot was made in his garage, one of the backgrounds is painted by Ruben himself and the other one was the wall and a piece of fabric.

“This editorial reflects me and my vision in art since I was a kid that I always loved to see paintings and I wanted to export the beauty I see in the painting.”

 “Art is the lie that enables us to realize the truth.”

Pablo Picasso 

“The vibe that I wanted to transmit was the breathing of art, nowadays, we all consume so many images so fast that I really wanted to go back to a place where I go to a museum and keep my phone in my pocket just to appreciate what’s in front of me and what transmits me, what I love the most about this job is that everybody’s free to enjoy art on its own way.”

“My goal in life is to keep creating art and meeting beautiful souls like I’ve met in these past four years as a photographer, I hope I can continue creating beautiful concepts and stories and be able to become a visual poet.”

The model is wearing pieces from various Portuguese designers like Diogo Vandersandt, Maria Carlos Baptista, Rita Ibs, Judy Sanderson, Jeremy Scott, and Zadig & Voltaire. Daniel felt powerful, happy and confident, “I really like that all the people and team I work with feels safe and happy,” says the photographer.

Model Daniel Christian @__danielchristian represented by Dabanda Model Management @dabandamodelmanagement photographed and styled by Ruben Branches @rubenbranches, makeup by Filipa Villar Afonso @meetmyfaces.makeup, exclusive for Vanity Teen online!

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