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Models Ruijin Zheng @paras and Lei He @mngasian photographer and creative direction by AZ @aaronzhang_az assisted by Sico @sicoxie, Yifeng, and Zhuyao @_benedettazhu_, production by Jack @hjf_jack, stylist Eva Zhang @evazhangsy, makeup and hair by Jc @takaka_jc, retoucher Zhongren Lu, exclusive for Vanity Teen online!

One day, the brothers returned to their hometown, back to their old house, the grassland where they played as a child, the place where they were born and raised. Away from the city, to embrace this land and get back the carefree childhood again. It’s all about Nature and humans.

“As a photographer, I’m trying to say is adults also need to release themselves, shouldn’t abandon the childlike innocence of the heart. Nature should be a good place to heal the tired soul. When you feel lost, maybe away from the electronics and the hustle and bustle of the city is the best choice.You will see inside and find yourself,” says the photographer and creative director.

The equipment used for this photoshoot was a Profoto B1X, different size softboxes, reflectors, and umbrellas, as well as natural light. It was shot in Taishan, China, the photographer’s friend’s hometown, “I found it really healing when I went with him to visit his mom.”

Every field of nature is wonderful.


The models were dedicated. “The day of the shooting was very hot, and we spent the whole day without an air conditioner. But they still show a sense of being at one with nature.”

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