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L’ Amour Vrai by Elys Berroteran

The super talented photographer Elys Berroteran @elysmcm presents L’ Amour Vrai, an amazing fashion editorial with the gorgeous Latesha Victoria @psychokiitty and Feliz Green @Feliz.ajr exclusively created for Vanity Teen online with a strong and important message.

Latesha Victoria and Feliz Green by Elys Berroteran

“As our world changes and evolves for the better many still think of feminism in a certain way and envision women far from reality. Women of all colors, shapes, sizes, and sexual preferences are feminine. At times we seem to brush by a special group of people that define themselves as “STUDS” who are lesbian women.”

“Our vision for this group of women is to escape the social struggle of expectations to be masculine! In reality, there is little to NO swim attire specifically meant for them. Our team’s mission is to impact their community to feel confident in their truth. L’ Amour Vrai is thrilled to bring a vibrant, comfortable, and fashionable swimwear collection that radiates positive glowing energy; while wearing a garment to enjoy aquatic activities. L’ Amour Vrai is specifically meant for the LBGTQ+ community.”

“As a young mother who struggled in childbirth and was left with lasting scars, I have had to readapt and change the way I style myself. Uncomfortably No More!  Especially in the department of swimwear where we as WOMEN are the most exposed. I want ALL WOMEN  to feel like there is a swimsuit specifically made for them.”

Models Latesha Victoria @psychokiitty and Feliz Green @Feliz.ajr photographed by Elys Berroteran @elysmcm, exclusive for Vanity Teen online!

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