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Kwon Eun-bi: A Colorful New Chapter

After a highly anticipated standalone debut, singer Kwon Eun-bi (@silver_rain.__) has officially made her sophomore return by offering listeners a ticket to her own uplifting, radiant safe haven dubbed Color. When we last heard from Eun-bi on a project of this scale, she was the sole voice behind the incredible mini-album OPEN, which essentially kicked down a door leading to brand new ideas for the former Ye-A and IZ*ONE member with so much more to offer. In regards to the solo outing, Eun-bi explains, “I think I grew a lot, musically speaking, through my [first track] ‘Door’” but in between releases, experienced additional growth that can now be witnessed in her self-assured optimistic art.

In a brief conversation about her transition into Color, the versatile K-pop star offered us an idea about her new music video and more.

Your new album is framed as a refreshing asset to spring – what is it about Color that you think feels timely with the season?

Kwon Eun-bi: It contains a lot of diverse music and it expresses musical emotions through colors, similar to springtime.

For your music video, you get to do some exciting underwater shooting! What was that process like, and how long did it take you to get the technicalities down?

Kwon Eun-bi: The underwater shoot was really fun but it was also really hard. Having to hold my breath in the water is harder than I thought. But I’m happy because the result was perfect. I think the shooting took me one hour to one hour and a half.

Your single “Glitch” has a fun electronic production element and you maintain a really pleasant falsetto throughout that makes this a very unique song! What would you say was the first component of the song that had you hooked upon conception?

Kwon Eun-bi: When I first heard the title track “Glitch”, it was so mysterious and also dreamy. Literally, the first time I heard it I immediately thought that I have to sing to this song!

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If you had to pick another track on Color that could be perceived as an ace up your sleeve, what would you choose?

Kwon Eun-bi: It would be my track “Speed of Love.” I think I’d say that one because of the lovely and clear vocal tone that comes out well.

Your debut era brought on a lot of love from fans, and recognition from your peers through major nominations! What are your goals for this year? 

Kwon Eun-bi: Overall, I just want to make more people know about who Kwon Eun Bi is.

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