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Juan Pablo by Sowa Agencia

Sowa Agencia @sowaagencia, a small photography studio based in Cúcuta, Colombia, stands out for working with local brands to create images that transcend and help them tell the stories of their brands. This time, they present this fashion editorial with the model Juan Pablo @juanpablomeneses_01 represented by Agencytop @agencytop_es.

This editorial was inspired by 80’s proms and all their aesthetics, capturing the desire of someone looking to be prom queen and get that first place. “It doesn’t matter how you look and what you do, it only matters your essence and your desire to shine being true to who you are,” says the photographer.

During the process of this editorial, the team wanted to take the public down the path of Juan Pablo becoming the queen of the dance. Starting with the first shots, he is in his bed talking to his friends waiting for prom night listening to his favorite music cassettes. Then we see him getting ready in his bathroom to put on his best look to become the queen of the night, and during this process, while making a mask with pickles on his eyes, he dreams of the crown and the first place feeling empowered and without fear.

“We wanted to transmit empowerment, a fearless feeling, and celebrate freedom in all his forms. Here in Colombia, we don’t have proms, so we wanted to do our own. Besides the photoshoot, we celebrate ourselves and our dreams.”

The equipment used was a Canon 80D with a 50mm 1.8 lens, and the shoot took place in a studio, where they had a bed, a bathroom, and a stage that simulated the stage of a prom celebration. The Studio is located in Cúcuta, Colombia and it’s called Danny Montano Studios.

Model Juan Pablo @juanpablomeneses_01 represented by Agencytop @agencytop_es photographed by Sowa Agencia by Danny Montaño @danny.montano looks by @closeando_oficial and @monica_castro_oficial, exclusive for Vanity Teen online!

Words by Adrian Gomis @adriange

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