Jos Carmichael by Leeandcrisphoto

Leeandcrisphoto (I.G. @leeandcrisphoto) capture under their lens Model Jos Carmichael (I.G. @jos_carmichael) at  88 Models Management (I.G.@the88mgmt) with styling by Gilles Amina (I.G. gilsam8) using pieces from Calvin Klein, The Kooples, Moncler, Armani, Jitrois, Zara, and more.

Exclusive for Vanity Teen!

Jacket: Zara | Tee-shirt : Calvin Klein
Jacket : Zara | Pants: Hugo Boss | Tee-shirt: Calvin Klein | Shoes: Dr. Martens | Pants Chain: Fosil
Jacket: Zara | Tee-shirt: Calvin Klein | Pants: The Kooples
Jacket : Armani | Pants: Jitrois | Tee-shirt: H&M
FUR COAT: ECHT PELZ | Pants: The Kooples
Pull-over: Kenzo | Shirt: Celio | Pants : Levi’s
Jacket: Lafuma Moncler | Pants: The Kooples | Belt: Zara

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