Japanese Moviegoers Stir Controversy with "#NoBarbenheimer" Boycott on Barbie Movie Japanese Moviegoers Stir Controversy with "#NoBarbenheimer" Boycott on Barbie Movie Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

Japanese Moviegoers Stir Controversy with “#NoBarbenheimer” Boycott on Barbie Movie

Warner Bros. Discovery and Barbie’s Official Japanese Twitter Respond to Outrage

Fans Rally Against “#Barbenheimer”

In a recent stir, Japanese movie enthusiasts popularized the hashtag “#NoBarbenheimer” to collectively boycott the upcoming Barbie movie. The outrage sparked when the official US Barbie Twitter account retweeted a meme associated with “#Barbenheimer.”

Barbie’s Japanese Twitter Attempts to Quell the Outrage

In response to the escalating backlash, the official Japanese Barbie Twitter account stepped in to alleviate the situation. It emphasized that the promotional slogan “#Barbenheimer” was unofficially started and expressed regret over the uproar caused by the US headquarters’ tweet. It also extended apologies to all the fans who felt offended by the incident.

Warner Bros. Discovery Issues an Official Apology

Warner Bros. Discovery, the publishing house initially refusing to comment on the controversy, broke its silence. Through various entertainment channels, the company issued an official statement: “Warner Brothers regrets recent social media posts that were insensitive to others’ feelings. We extend our sincere apologies.”

Uncertain Future for Barbie’s Movie Launch in Japan

Despite the controversy, it has been confirmed that the Barbie movie will launch as scheduled in Japan. Whether the apology statement will mollify the movie fans will be determined by the box-office performance in due course. This incident marks yet another clash between the realms of social media, promotional strategies, and fan reactions.

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