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Satisfy Your Taste for Luxury with Prada's Italian-Inspired Cafe at Harrods London Satisfy Your Taste for Luxury with Prada's Italian-Inspired Cafe at Harrods London Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine


Satisfy Your Taste for Luxury with Prada’s Italian-Inspired Cafe at Harrods London

Get ready to indulge in the ultimate high-fashion culinary experience at London’s brand-new Prada Caffe, nestled within the iconic Harrods department store. Adorned in a seductive mint green hue, this cafe features three distinct seating areas, perfect for lounging and savoring the exquisite Italian-inspired menu.

Designed by the master of aesthetics himself, Wes Anderson, this retro-style soda shop is reminiscent of Prada’s Milanese location. And with a display of Prada-branded sweets adorning the counter, your taste buds will be tantalized before you even take your first bite.

From delectable small bites to scrumptious breakfast, lunch, and dinner options, this cafe has it all. Satisfy your cravings with rich risotto, creamy burrata, and savory seafood dishes. And don’t forget to treat yourself to one of the delicate pasta offerings, followed by a decadent 72% dark chocolate cake or berry-based fruit tart.

To quench your thirst, indulge in a variety of hot beverages and cocktails, including the signature Prada-branded cappuccinos and icy aperitivos. And to elevate your experience even further, everything is served on stunning Prada-branded crockery, complete with branded cutlery and latte art.

Join the ranks of luxury fashion enthusiasts who have experienced the ultimate indulgence with Prada Caffe. Don’t miss out on the chance to capture the perfect Instagram shot and revel in the opulent atmosphere of this chic and stylish eatery. After all, what’s more, luxurious than treating yourself to a taste of high fashion?

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