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‘IMAGES’ the second book by Jacquemus

After publishing his first book, Simon Porte Jacquemus publishes a second book entitled “IMAGES”, which gathers incredible photos taken with his iPhone since 2010. Out of the 85 041 photos on his telephone, the designer has selected 321.

“I have 85 041 photos and 22 739 videos on my phone. Here are a few of my favorite ones.”

Simon Porte Jacquemus

Having shown a little preview of which photos will be featured in this second book and just by seeing Jacquemus’ Instagram account, which he personally takes care of, you can get the de idea of the style of the book’s result. A compilation of that amount of images dating back to 2010 is a great job, but Jacquemus knows really well how to choose the most aesthetically pleasing and poetic photos.

From a selection of travel photos including the streets of New York, beautiful seasides, and a very quiet beach with a naked couple hugging to a more artistic and fashion-related section with sculptures’ heads, backstage photos, and close-ups of his own designs. That’s just a small portion of what this amazing book includes.


With a price of $50, you can already join the waitlist in Jacquemus.com to grab one copy before it’s gone!

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