Gucci Store In Paris

Gucci Debuts Travel Luxury Store ‘Gucci Valigeria’ in Paris

The Italian fashion house recently debuted a store in Paris, featuring luxury travel essentials from the iconic Gucci Valigeria campaign encapsulating the Gucci Savoy collection. The new Gucci Valigeria store, located at 229 Rue Saint-Honoré, Paris, is Gucci‘s first stand-alone store dedicated to providing shoppers with travel necessities like luggage and suitcases.

Inside The Gucci Valigeria Boutique

The interior of the Gucci Valigeria boutique contains contrasting neutral colouration. The overall atmosphere of the boutique elucidates elegance with vintage structures and decorum that are pleasing to the eye. Within the boutique, there are various luxury travel necessities. These include duffel bags in varying colour schemes and the aluminium GG cabin trolley created in collaboration with Gucci and Italian luxury luggage designer FPM Milano.

With this latest store opening, shoppers will be able to gain the experience that comes with shopping for luxury pieces. Read more about the Gucci Valigeria boutique on Gucci’s website!

Gucci Boutique
– Gucci Valigeria Boutique
Gucci Boutique
– Gucci Valigeria Boutique
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