Franco Masini: thrilled to be part of Rebelde Franco Masini: thrilled to be part of Rebelde Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

Franco Masini: thrilled to be part of Rebelde

Franco Masini starts this 2022 the best way possible: by declaring he is thrilled to be part of Rebelde, the Netflix reboot of this popular TV show that changed for good the lives of millions of teenagers who, passionately, followed this teen drama full of music and unforgettable characters.

Also, for this exclusive article, Franco Masini shared with us his most sincere thoughts about life, talked about his early years in acting, how he got involved with music, and let us know how was this new Rebelde experience. And, as we always think about you all, there is more to be excited about because the exceptional photographer Joel Beraldi captured the best of Franco Masini just for Vanity Teen.

Gladly, we invite you to read the conversation we had with Franco Masini, but just let me say that he is such a nice person who radiates this kind of energy that makes you feel optimistic. And, by the way, just like us, he cannot hide his excitement for knowing all of us can stream Rebelde right now and expect more of him in the future.


Franco Masini: thrilled to be part of Rebelde Franco Masini: thrilled to be part of Rebelde Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

It started when I was a very young boy

VT: How did your passion for acting start? How did your family react when they found it out?

FM: It started when I was a very young boy; I was around five years old. I went to a school that takes arts seriously and prioritizes acting. So I started participating in school plays, and my family and friends, even classmates, began to say that I should pursue a career in acting.

Later, suddenly, when I was about twelve, I had the opportunity to work professionally in a theater. Then I got to TV. By that time, I never said I wanted to go to a casting call o that I wanted to work on television; on the contrary, as I was growing up, every new project somewhat came unexpectedly, so life itself showed me that acting was my thing.

And, of course, since I was young, my family supported me a lot in every new project I started.

VT: What is the role of music in your life?

FM: Music has always been important in my life, just like acting.

As you know, acting is my passion, something I have been doing since childhood, but music has also been there.

When I was like twelve or thirteen years old, I started to sing and play the guitar, also the saxophone, so I came to love this world of music, so I also started to develop this passion for singing and playing the guitar, and shaping my form as an artist.

I think an artist is happy by doing the things he loves. That could be acting or singing, or even playing the guitar. So, little by little, I syncopated these passions, that way, I was growing as an actor, and I also started my first steps into music, so I began to go to singing classes, pushing myself to be better. Nowadays, I do it as a parallel passion that goes along with what I love.

We all are artists, so it is good never quit learning.

Thrilled to be part of Rebelde

VT: 2022 looks exciting for your career as you are part of the reboot of international teen sensation Rebelde. So far, what can you tell us about this project and the filming experience?

FM: I honestly am thrilled to be part of Rebelde. It’s a TV show I watched when I was a little boy and was really important when I was an adolescent; so, years later, being part of this new Netflix version is a huge opportunity and a total bliss because we are talking about a show that has been so significant for many generations.

We filmed in Mexico, so, as an Argentinian, playing an Argentinian character is superb because Rebelde is like a milestone in TV both in Mexico and in Argentina.

VT: The original version of Rebelde has a legion of fans who still appreciate their favorite show; although, other fresh audiences cannot wait to meet the new characters. Therefore, how do you feel about perpetuating the Colucci legacy the original TV show introduced to the world?

FM: Knowing everything this name represents, being a Colucci has been a beautiful experience. I do not want to say any spoilers; so, you can see it for yourself on Netflix. But having the experience of filming in a foreign country and feeling the warm welcome I received there makes me very happy, and I cannot wait for all of you to enjoy this brand new Rebelde.

As we are talking about a new version of the show, I would like to remark that all the previous versions of Rebelde have been successful and portray beautiful stories. But this is a new version with new characters, it has lots of things to tell, but everything happens inside this Elite Way School universe so significant for Rebelde. So I guess this series will also captivate new generations that were not aware of what the Rebelde phenomenon was but now are.

I hope it could also captivate those fans who followed the previous series, and they may bring back memories from that era.

Franco Masini: Rebelde
Franco Masini | Photo by Joel Beraldi | Coat: VINTAGE MARGIELA

Seize the best of every day

VT: In addition to theater plays, one of your latest projects was the British hit Riviera. Any good memories that you would like to share with us about being part of that production?

FM: Filming Riviera was an unforgettable experience. It was such an honor sharing scenes with Julia Stiles, Rupert Graves, Poppy Delevigne, and other great actors. More than a marvelous experience, it was a time to learn and share.

Also, it was a pleasure having the opportunity to film Riviera in saint Tropez, Venice, and other places overseas.

I played a peculiar character whose story was relevant for the plot because, among other things, it drove crazy Julia’s character. But beyond those beautiful experiences filming that series, it was really nice to live for a short time in those places and share with them as we were a big family and, I really loved the whole thing and filming in English since my first language is Spanish, so as Argentinian it was like a double challenge of doing my best to make everything right.

Franco Masini: Rebelde
Franco Masini | Photo by Joel Beraldi | Top: TRAMANDO

VT:When you are not acting or working on your music, how is it a regular day for you?

FM: When I am not working on an acting project, I am devoted to music, but I always try to seize the best of every day. So, if I am filming, I try to do some workouts before shooting.

I also love gastronomy, and I like to use my time wisely to make myself better, study as much as I can, take singing lessons, going to acting training. So, I feel we can learn from everywhere; as actors, we need to stay growing up and never cease to learn.

Therefore, when I am not working, I like to use my free time to write songs, keep taking my singing lessons, play the guitar, and compose. I also love reading, watching documentaries, and doing all those things that help me grow as an artist.

VT: Which simple things make you appreciate life?

FM: I enjoy spending time with my family. I love hanging out with friends; I also revel in love, going out for dinner, gathering people at home, sharing with them, and talking to each other.

So, I take delight in being with my loved ones and doing the things that I love and am passionate about.

Always going forward

VT: What are your plans for the future?

FM: I plan to keep acting. I hope to stay involved with new projects that help me be a better person and keep growing up as an artist, playing new challenging characters different from my previous ones and getting into their universes.

I would also love to keep doing what I love and enjoy life.

VT: Growing up is never easy, so which words would you like to share with those young people who might be facing difficult times nowadays?

FM: I think that one of the best attitudes towards life is always going forward; if we fall, we raise and never lose hope or motivation. We always should persist in doing things that motivate us to keep going.

We should feel the thirst to achieve new goals, stay focused on reaching what we want, and go for it. Not giving up is key to enjoying the journey of reaching our goals, but we have to be clear on what we want to achieve.

VT: Anything else you would like to share with Vanity Teen?

FM: I hope you all can enjoy Rebelde a lot, can feel connected with the music and new characters, and love this project as much as we do.

Franco Masini: @francomasini

Photographer: Joel Beraldi @joelberaldi

Stylist: Franco Nencini: @franconencinist

Before we go

Franco Masini has reminded us that we can learn from everywhere if we are willing to pay attention enough. But, most importantly, with every new project, he cherishes plurality and the importance of offering young people different characters for everyone to feel identified and represented.

Let us join forces with him and spread optimism by showing others that love and acceptance lead our rebel hearts.

Let us be kind!

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