Erik Winkowski Partners with Diptyque: The Aesthetic of Summer in a Bottle Erik Winkowski Partners with Diptyque: The Aesthetic of Summer in a Bottle Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

Erik Winkowski Partners with Diptyque: The Aesthetic of Summer in a Bottle

The annual summer unveiling of Diptyque has arrived, presenting a refreshing invitation to embrace the gentle pace of the sun-soaked days ahead. This scented sojourn is ideal for personal reflection and reconnection with nature. It transports us to the Mediterranean landscapes that Diptyque’s founders, Yves Coueslant and Desmond Knox-Leet, often sought for rejuvenation.

Following their 2022 summer collaboration with Matthieu Cossé, Diptyque now gives carte blanche to American artist Erik Winkowski for their summer limited edition release.

Mediterranean Visions: Winkowski’s Digital Creations

Winkowski, known for his distinctive animation and collage style, recreates the Mediterranean’s natural vistas through a series of digital creations. His playful, surprising, and vibrant scenes bring a new dimension to the brand’s essence. Diptyque admits that collaboration with Winkowski seemed inevitable, given their shared appreciation for nature’s fundamental qualities. His penchant for experimentation, his modern touch, and his love for color and pattern combinations align perfectly with the brand’s ethos.

A Summer Twist: Revamping Diptyque’s Iconic Essentials

Through this partnership, expect a summery reinterpretation of some of Diptyque’s iconic products. These include the Ilio Eau de Toilettes and Hair Mist, a ready-to-perfume fan, and the lemongrass candle. Winkowski has lent his artistic touch to these items’ packaging, with his vibrant and stylized illustrations adorning the box and the bottle’s iconic oval.

These illustrations encapsulate a Mediterranean landscape bathed in summer, offering an at-home escape to a sun-drenched haven. This collaboration between Erik Winkowski and Diptyque presents a fresh summer narrative, combining the best of aromatic artistry with captivating visuals.

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