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Dreamer Boy released new music, and we did not want to miss that out. So, we talked with this artist about his latest single entitled: Over Everything, we gave a close look at his life, and he let us know why he considers there is a special place open to any possibility out here in Dream World.

He found his spot in the music industry due to being a songwriter who is not afraid to show the power of exposing himself as a person who dreams about love. Besides, he is not ashamed of revealing his fragility because he believes that you can find strength in openness. But, please, do not get me wrong. He is not a tearjerker lotus-eater, not at all; he is an energetic singer, full of good vibes, with thoughtful lyrics, and is heavily committed to the creating process of his songs, his music videos, and artistic vision.

Are you ready for dreaming big?

Dreamer Boy
Dreamer Boy | Photo by Adam Alonzo @aada3m

Out here in Dream World

VT: What defines you as Dreamer Boy?

DB: Dreamer Boy is a vessel to show kids like me you can do anything. You can dream anything since anything is possible out here in Dream World. I want to give listeners the same experiences and inspiration that I got from some of my favorite music, movies, and books.

The dreamer is someone who is always looking at what could be.

VT: How has been your journey in music?

DB: I started making rap music in my parents’ basement in high school. There, I made joke songs, wrote meaningful raps as well as goofy raps, and everything in between. Also, I would have folks from the area sing and help produce and record with me.

I went to college to study music further and met friends who inspired me to take a deep dive that expanded my music DNA. Since I feel like my music progression is in direct correlation to my personal progression, they are tied at the hip, and that’s beautiful to me.

I live my life and put my life into my music. That’s the way it should be, even when it reaches into fantasy or imagination.

It’s all coming from my well of experiences.

VT: Your music is fresh yet deep and emotional. Why do you choose to be so open?

DB: Vulnerability is one of the biggest pillars of a close relationship, and I want the listeners to feel like they can relate in that close of ways. So, it’s necessary.


Over Everything

VT: Your new single, Over Everything, is fantastic. I love it from start to finish. What do you want to tell us about and the story behind it?

DB: This song had a unique timeline to get to the finish line. I wrote it with two friends: Will Taylor and Jackson Morgan. They were encouraging me to tap into my inner Justin Bieber and really send it on a pop song.

I had been inspired by some truly fantastic pop artists at the time: such as Troye Sivan, Charli XCX, and Bieber, as well. And the song just progressed, trying to capture the lightning I felt I could bring to the performance as my own artist.

The song is sort of a bird’s eye view of a past relationship and remembering when it was simpler, and you and they were the only two in your world. The outro comes from my love of electronic music and dancing, so I just combined those two things with the help of producer Bobby Knepper.

VT: You have also collaborated with BENNE in the fan-favorite song “ARE YOU LETTING GO?”. Can you share with us how your musical relationship came to be?

DB: We had gotten to know each other through passing DM’s and sharing music back and forth. One day, I sent her a collection of songs, and that one really stood out to her. It turns out that was the one I was going to ask her to try some ideas on in the first place months before but never mentioned it.

We spent time talking about the nature of the track and subject matter, and she wrote the verse so quickly and sent it back. Her vocal texture and addition to the track made it feel whole to me and gave the song another voice that I thought was a necessary perspective for the song’s lyrical content.

VT: Please, tell us something about your upcoming tour.

DB: Stella and I are hitting the road! We are bout to turn up every city in the US. Dancing, moshing, crying, laughing, everything in between. Come to a show.

Dreamer Boy
Dreamer Boy | Photo by Adam Alonzo

The greatest joy in my life

VT: What other plans do you have for the future?

DB: Right now, I am putting out a handful of loose singles that I made over the past year and a half.

I made several different interactions of album material, but nothing felt like it was exactly the evolution and new space I want the new album to be in yet. So, these are some of the explorations that have led me to where I am now.

I am going to be making and working on my new album over the next few months before the tour. I want to show growth and progression and genuinely push myself to get to a new place with the next album and the challenges ahead, but I couldn’t be more excited. I’m in the arena.

VT: You always motivate people to read and stay creative. Any new recommendation to the readers of Vanity teen?

DB: Do something every day that is just outside of your comfort zone. A conversation, an activity, a sport, music that you wrote off, find ways to explore outside of the world you currently inhabit and expand it, let things surprise you, and share your findings with those you love.

VT: What words would you like to share with those who enjoy and find comfort in your music?

DB: Thank you for listening, it’s the greatest joy in my life to create and write, and anything you relate to or makes you smile or dance or cry is cherished to the core of who I am. I love you!

VT: Anything else you would like to share with Vanity Teen?

DB: ‘Run to the rescue with love, and peace will follow’ – River Phoenix.
Also, watch The Breakfast Club if you haven’t seen it! Brian is my favorite character.

Dreamer Boy
Dreamer Boy | Photo by Adam Alonzo

Before we go

Dreamer Boy has found most of the greatest joys of his life in developing his creativity. According to him, we should thank that the artistic expressions have been helping him to overcome some demons in his head and get connected with thousands of young people who feel the same way. Those things have rapidly transformed his music into a comfort zone for many who are not afraid to be called dreamers, just like he does.

Being a dreamer might be a way to show others our peaceful rebellions have a porpoise. So, over everything, we should give it a try!

Let us join the Dream World.

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