Discovering Japan's Fashion Frontier: A Guide to the Essential Brands Discovering Japan's Fashion Frontier: A Guide to the Essential Brands Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

Discovering Japan’s Fashion Frontier: A Guide to the Essential Brands

In the realm of fashion, no place on earth surpasses the innovative spirit of Japan. The country’s style spectrum ranges from the exuberant extravagance of Harajuku fashion to the enduring appeal of minimalist, high-quality pieces. Japan’s fashion scene is as diverse and dynamic as it is groundbreaking. For those unacquainted with Japanese fashion, we have curated a guide to some of the essential brands worth discovering.

For novices venturing into the world of Japanese fashion, we have compiled an insightful roadmap of must-know brands. These exceptional designers and labels epitomize the unique essence of Japan’s style universe, and they’re just waiting for you to explore. Don’t miss the opportunity to elevate your wardrobe with exquisite, innovative creations from the far reaches of Japan’s fashion frontier.

What is Harajuku Style?

Situated in the heart of Tokyo’s Shibuya neighborhood, the area surrounding Harajuku train station and Omotesando subway station has become synonymous with vibrant self-expression. Visitors are captivated by the area’s lively atmosphere, teeming with people and an array of vivid colors that exude energy and vitality.

The essence of Harajuku fashion lies in its streetwear, defined by unapologetic freedom in style and personal identity. This unique fashion hub embraces a multitude of alternative trends, fostering an environment where individuals can fearlessly dress according to their own preferences and personalities, without worrying about societal judgments.

The Land of the Rising Sun is renowned for its unparalleled fashion sensibilities. Japan’s style scene offers a kaleidoscope of designs, effortlessly marrying the boldness of Harajuku outfits with the timeless elegance of clean, well-crafted garments. This striking contrast renders Japan’s fashion landscape as expansive and adaptable as it is avant-garde.


Fumiku, founded in 2018 by Fumika Hayashi, showcases an ethereal vision that blends reality and fantasy. The brand skilfully balances masculine and feminine silhouettes, utilizing textured materials that layer together to craft enchanting creations.


Akiko Aoki, a rising Japanese fashion designer, reimagines traditional womenswear with a belief that clothing is a performance, resulting in a fresh and innovative perspective.


Tokyo-based menswear brand Soshiotsuki redefines suiting with unique designs, including oversized blazers, tasseled businesswear, and fur vests. Its artfully disheveled aesthetic combines practicality and beauty. In 2023, the brand celebrates a decade since designer Soshi Otsuki’s LVMH prize nomination in 2013.


Kozaburo’s fashion blends a cosmic rock ‘n’ roll cowboy aesthetic with Japan’s mythical past, influenced by designer Kozaburo Akasaka’s 90s upbringing in music subculture, street style, and education at London’s prestigious Central Saint Martins.

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