Dior Unveils Global Pop-Up Stores for the Dior Tears Capsule Collection Dior Unveils Global Pop-Up Stores for the Dior Tears Capsule Collection Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

Dior Unveils Global Pop-Up Stores for the Dior Tears Capsule Collection

A Unique Collaboration Between Kim Jones and Denim Tears

Merging Elegance and Uniqueness, Casual and Classic

The Dior Tears capsule collection, a unique collaboration between Kim Jones and guest designer Denim Tears, blends elegance with uniqueness and casual with classic. This menswear collection draws primary inspiration from denim, resulting in timeless styles. Iconic Saddle and Lingot Dior bags, as well as the B33 sneakers, are crafted from this quintessential material.

Step into a Dreamy and Enchanting World

Each of these pop-up boutiques unveils the collection amidst monumental installations filled with gigantic inflatables. Visible from the surrounding streets, these organic shapes create an alternative universe where sounds, shadows, and lights are perceived differently, evoking a strange and poetic atmosphere.

Live Spaces of Art and Fashion, Time and Culture

Musical sessions enhance these spherical creations, transforming them into lively spaces filled with surprises. Notably, video projections augment them, echoing the specially designed logo for this Dior collection, displayed amidst a profusion of flowers. This digital production, crafted by artist Azuma Makoto’s studio, can be downloaded by visitors using a QR code, marking an exceptional intersection of art and fashion, eras, and cultures.

Discover the Pop-Up Stores

The pop-up stores are open in London from July 8th to 13th, Tokyo from July 11th to 30th, Seoul from July 13th to 22nd, and Shanghai from July 15th to 25th. Experience this unique encounter at the crossroads of art and fashion, eras and cultures.

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