Dior Cruise 2024: An Ode to Frida Kahlo and Extraordinary Craftsmanship Dior Cruise 2024: An Ode to Frida Kahlo and Extraordinary Craftsmanship Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

Dior Cruise 2024: An Ode to Frida Kahlo and Extraordinary Craftsmanship

In Mexico City, on the grounds of the school where Frida Kahlo first met Diego Rivera, the now-creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri chose to honor Dior’s intriguing legacy with a Cruise ’24 show presented in Mexico. This display celebrates all the captivating aspects of Mexican artisan practices, including the artistry of Frida Kahlo.

Dior and Mexico: A Story of Inspiration

The last time Dior showcased a Mexican-inspired Cruise collection was back in 2018, in Chantilly, France. Chiuri has maintained a loving rapport with Mexico and Frida Kahlo for as long as she can remember.

“It was the first exhibition of a female artist that I saw in Italy,” recalled the designer. “It truly impacted me… because she used clothing to define herself… blending Mexican and European, yet all the while maintaining her personality. She was a genius.”

From Frida Kahlo to the Runway: A Journey of Innovation and Discovery

Many years later, Chiuri was first in line to see “Frida Kahlo: Beyond Appearances,” the museum exhibition showcasing the pioneering artist’s style with 200 of her garments. The show started in her birthplace and home, Casa Azul in Mexico City in 2012, then traveled to London and Paris.

When Chiuri began contemplating designing a collection inspired by Kahlo, she reached out to the exhibition’s curator, Circe Henestrosa, for guidance on artisan collaborators. This was no small feat considering Mexico boasts 68 indigenous groups.

“I took Frida’s Mexican pieces and identified the regions they came from, some from Oaxaca, some from Puebla, and some from Chiapas… And within them, there’s so much diversity. But I looked for artisans who had quality, who were innovative, who seriously undertook the study of the material culture of textiles,” Henestrosa shared.

Through this show, Dior pays homage not only to Frida Kahlo but also to the extraordinary Mexican craftsmanship, elevating it to the global fashion stage.

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