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Condom Battler Goro: An Anime Take on Safe Sex Condom Battler Goro: An Anime Take on Safe Sex Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine


Condom Battler Goro: An Anime Take on Safe Sex

Anime series have taught us different lessons throughout our lives (e.g.the importance of friendship & family, be yourself, never give up to achieve your dreams) however, when it comes to sexual education it is quite rare to find one that goes beyond the birds and the bees or that targets youngster and young adults with real sex-ed. That was until the arrival of Condom Battler Goro , an online anime series created by Okamoto Industries, Japan’s leading condom manufacturer, with the aim of promoting safe sex practices. 

Using the eye-catching trait of anime as well as anime-classic inspired characters similar to those in Pokemon, Dragonball ,  Fist of the North Star, Hunter x Hunter, and Yu-Gi-Oh!, Condom Battler Goro follows the 24-year-old Goro whose dream is to become the greatest condom battler with the help of his childhood friends Miku and Hayato.

Condom Battler Goro is planned to be a 56-episode series, with only four episodes being released, with each episode ending with ”To be condom” instead of ”To be continued”.

Condom Battler Goro: An Anime Take on Safe Sex Condom Battler Goro: An Anime Take on Safe Sex Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine
From Left to Right: Miku, Hayato and Goro

Episode 01. Birth of Condom Battler Goro

(Theme.One Condom vs Double Condom Use)

It is the story of a young man who has awakened to his divine power.

The idea behind its creation is the lack of sufficient sex education among Japan’s teen population, whose contents do not meet the international standards. Another linked factor is the rise of sexual inquiries regarding pregnancies among junior and senior high school students during the pandemic, as an article from The Japan Times reports that requests regarding this topic have increase since March. Hence the promotion of safe sex practices through anime to target the young audience and tackle the issue.

Episode 19. Start of the Survival Test

(Theme. Condom Use & STD)

”Goro and his friends are taking the condom pro-license exam in the Forest of Sexually Transmitted Diseases. We can overcome the challenges and become professionals in safety…What?”

Episode 45. Condom Championship Tournament Begins!

(Theme. Condom and Moisturizer)

From all over the world, the Condom Battlers gather!! The man who stands in front of Goro is Mister Moist!

Episode 56: Farewell, Dear Goro

(Theme. Condom Use and Pregancy)

The secret of Goro is coming out….
Love and Justice: The Big Picture of the Spectrum Is Here!

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