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Bruno Rigatusso by Santiago Mors

Director of Adon Management, photographer, model, and fashion producer Santiago Mors @morsphotography worked with the gorgeous new face model Bruno Rigatusso @brunorigatusso represented by Adon Management @adon_management for this gorgeous and intimate fashion editorial exclusively created for Vanity Teen online!

This editorial tells the naturalness of a new face and a model profile, starting his modeling career. The model Bruno Rigatusso is from a city further away from the great capital, he traveled to Buenos Aires capital to fulfill his dreams and do what he loves, that is to make art. More than anything, that fragility and naturalness of a beginner.

“I love being able to express my art with what inspires me at the moment, with the garments and resources that I have access to or that I can create there. In one of the changes you can see pieces of leather, I tie them up to create a unique piece for this shooting. I was also able to give it that virginal touch, with a little makeup and oil. To give it that fresher air,” says the photographer Santiago Mors.

For this fashion editorial he used a Nikon 750 and a bounce and it was shot in the offices of his small studio, where he works and where he does small publishing houses such as Adon Management, Argentina.

“This editorial reflects my love for black and white and how multifaceted I can be, a style that is renewed and expressed. You can see some women’s clothing, makeup, textures and a mix of things, but at the same time everything is unified, creating something new and authentic.”

“If it is good to live, it is still better to dream, and best of all, to wake up.”

Antonio Machado

Giving off a sense of sensuality, drama, and flexibility, the model felt very impressive, sexy, strong and eager to continue posing seeing the result. Wrapped in this atmosphere, he did his first nude photoshoot and he loved being able to generate something different and see it as a source of art and not porn.

Model Bruno Rigatusso @brunorigatusso represented by Adon Management @adon_management  photographed by Santiago Mors @morsphotography, exclusive for Vanity Teen online!

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