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Portrait photographer Dolores Luna @lunadoloress presents this series of photographs with the model Bruno Banfi @bruno.banfi represented by Adon Management @adon_management exclusively created for Vanity Teen online!

The editorial was inspired by the model Bruno in his everyday life and in simplicity. In this story, time stops when he looks at the camera. The most subtle and beautiful details are at our fingertips. Natural light enters from all corners of the house and soaks the room.

“I wanted to transmit complicity, attraction, and enjoyment, that the composition and the intention of the character’s gaze catches you and leaves you with a smile on your face.”

Once Luna chose the model and the location for the shoot, she chose the idea of creating the feeling of being “at home”. The pastel color of the environment matches the pink of his cheeks, and the vintage decor takes it a bit away from the present. The music played in the background during the session accompanies their movements. “Generally, I give some indications, but the one who keeps the rhythm of the movements is the model,” says Luna. “The result is better than what I had in mind before starting the photos as the model completes the idea with his performance which makes the meeting a magical and unrepeatable moment.”

The equipment used was a Sony Alpha III, 50mm 1.2 Voigtländer and it took place in the house of a colleague in Caballito, Buenos Aires.

Bruno is wearing his clothes as the main idea was that the important things are the gestures and his interpretation more than what he wears.

My style is based on the genuine. When seeing my images, one should be able to feel part of the session. You can appreciate kindness in each shot and a soft breeze that caresses you as you go from one image to the other.

Model Bruno Banfi @bruno.banfi represented by Adon Management @adon_management photographed by Dolores Luna @lunadoloress, exclusive for Vanity Teen online!

Text edited by Adrian Gomis @adriange_

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