Be Yourself and Do It with Swagger: Breaking Norms with XENZU Be Yourself and Do It with Swagger: Breaking Norms with XENZU Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

Be Yourself and Do It with Swagger: Breaking Norms with XENZU

XENZU @xenzuwang 芯竹XENZU is a Chinese pop artist with a vision. Her debut EP “Burn Book & Glow Up” integrates electronic music, trap, pop, and other music styles to build a unique emotional atmosphere and musical aesthetic. Her debut garnered a nomination from Hito Music Awards and from Music Pioneer Awards. XENZU’s powerful performance at China’s Hip Hop TV Show “The Rap of China” captured the interest of many prominent figures, and she was immediately featured in China’s Vogue Magazine. Being true to herself, XENZU is letting no noises get in the way of her sharing her energy and creative energy with the world, she is building a new culture in the world of music, “post-pop culture”. Her two upcoming single projects “Jelly” and “Tell Me U Want Me” will provide audiences with a taste of the “post-pop culture” that is to come. Clean visuals. Powerful themes. Unfiltered, raw performances. Those that didn’t share in the vision before will have their eyes opened when XENZU takes the stage. 

Her tour highlights include performing at the Trendsetters Art and Music Tour, sharing the stage with PanThePack, Human Remix TEAM WANG at Marquee in Singapore, and most recently being the special guest for JUNNY’s tour.

Exlclusive for Vanity Teen!

VT. Your debut EP ‘Burn Book and Glow Up’ mainly features an innovative mix of trap and pop. What was your main creative process when curating your debut EP?

Xenzu. My debut EP was a collection of emotions and different feelings I would say. I just follow the feeling and my heart during the process. Freestyle then write till finishing the records. 

VT. You have previously performed at the Trendsetters Art and Music Tour and were also on stage as an special guest for Junny’s tour! What are some of your most memorable moments while performing on stage?

Xenzu. When I was performing at Trendsetters art fest whole thing felt unreal , it was my first big music festival I’ve ever played and I just remembered before I go on the stage , the crowd was so good , they cheer for me and the energy felt insane. You could feel the energy flowing in the air. It’s pretty magical. 

And for junny’s tour I was invited as a special guest and I am so grateful that they invited me and I remember in Atlanta , I met this girl who followed from Houston and she wrote a huge letter board for me says “ Can we be friends ? “ I just thought it was super heart melting. I’ve always wanted my audience to feel that we are friends. junny’s set was amazing

VT. As one of the faces of the post-pop culture, what are some key messages that you want to spread to listeners of your music?

I am not one of the faces of POST-POP CULTURE , I am the first haha , I started it. I am the culture.

VT. Tell me more about your upcoming single Jelly and its main vibe.

The “Jelly” demands you find your inner bad bitch and run with her. 

I want the song’s boldness and message of self-love swagger to be amplified to her fans. “I want my audience to feel loved and confident within themselves when they listen to the track,” she said. “I want them to enjoy the funny and trippy parts here and there in the record too. Enjoy the different sides of oneself and have fun with it. “ 

VT. Your art form and creativity seem to stray from mainstream pop and form a unique sound recognizable. What were your main reasons for pursuing a career in music, and what are some challenges you face as an artist?

Mainstream pop is pop because lots of people feel related to. It doesn’t mean my style of music won’t related to lots of people in the future . Now it called post pop so I think it’s time for me to do something new and just run with it , whether it’s good or bad , fail or succeed as long as I enjoy it and the same time balancing it with my life . The reasons I pursuing  music are because first of all I love it and I want to do something meaningful on earth , I think life as a journey and a trail with different tasks and lessons, while I’m on the journey , I need to create something for the people or just simply having fun. Either or. 

Challenges I am constantly facing it’s the conflict between my heart and the market. Ther are so many rules and boxes trying to block your thoughts and sometimes made you feel all these blockages are real. And sometimes you don’t even know if you can fix it . But I think it’s okay. If I can’t fix it or I can’t figure it out , then let it be. 

VT. Are there any artists you would like to work with?

So many artists I wanna collab with. I really like the artist Raye – a London artist, I have been listening to her a lot, she is a strong woman, feminine and tough, I love the attitude and the energy she gives people and you can just feel it in her music. If any aches I really love to collab with her.

Be Yourself and Do It with Swagger: Breaking Norms with XENZU Be Yourself and Do It with Swagger: Breaking Norms with XENZU Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine


Interview: Eric Lee
Photographer: Grace Scuitto
Styling: Damaris Flores
Makeup artist: Arielle Park
Hair stylist: Marcela Osegueda
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