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Bautista Benetti by Marcos Morcani

The masculine sensuality is the focus of this gorgeous fashion editorial exclusively created for Vanity Teen online by fashion photographer Marcos Morcani @marcosmorcani who worked with the beautiful model Bautista Benetti @bautistabenetti represented by AR Models Agency @armodelsagency.

The photographer had this beautiful idea of showing the masculine sensuality by using resources that highlight the body of the model that help to give that sexy touch we love. This editorial has the young energy we adore, it shows a very sexy and strong side of the male body through simple and soft photographs. The black and white effect, as well as the basic styling, with vintage and personal clothes, elevate the overall aesthetic of the photoshoot to a greater level.

This shooting took place in a house in Nuñez, Buenos Aires, Argentina, that matched with the atmosphere of the photographs. To showcase his idea, he mixed the windows’ natural light with the softbox light, in a clean and minimalist scenography. There is something really special about these photographs, the atmosphere created by the lights and the way the model looks at the camera is just superb.

“Art is something that makes you breathe with a different kind of happiness.”

Anni Albers

Bautista Benetti felt empowered, sexy and irreverent during the photoshoot, and he acted very relaxed during the whole session. His young enery and passion are seen in this photoshoot. Marcos Morcani did an amazing job with Bautista Benetti for this exclusive fashion editorial that he has created for us. Every image looks amazing and the editing also looks amazing, reflecting that sexiness and empowerment of the model, keeping the simple and clean aesthetic with the use of warm tones that the photographer loves.

Model Bautista Benetti @bautistabenetti represented by AR Models Agency @armodelsagency photographed by Marcos Morcani @marcosmorcani, exclusive for Vanity Teen online!

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