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Balenciaga Music Showcases Jay-Jay Johanson’s Unique Playlist

Balenciaga Music has recently launched a captivating 30-track playlist, masterfully curated by the Swedish trip-hop artist known for his melancholic tunes, Jay-Jay Johanson. Released earlier this week, this eclectic collection of songs is readily accessible through a dedicated page on, which provides links to various streaming platforms.

The Evocative Journey of Jay-Jay Johanson

Jay-Jay Johanson, with his fourteen albums starting from his debut “Whiskey”, has been an influential figure in exploring diverse electronic music styles. His creations, known for their haunting, sorrowful, and ethereal qualities, are marked by intricate and sophisticated compositions. His playlist for Balenciaga Music is a rich tapestry of old and new selections, infused with timeless concepts for inspiration.

A Fusion of Music and Art

Accompanying the playlist is a series of artistic collages created in collaboration with Christophe Brunnquell. Notably, Brunnquell had previously worked with Jay-Jay Johanson in 2017, producing a music video for “Bury the Hatchett” that featured an innovative overlay of the singer’s facial features on printed self-portraits. This artistic approach has been revived for the Balenciaga Music project, with new photographs of Jay-Jay Johanson being used to recreate this distinctive style.

The Vision Behind Balenciaga Music

Balenciaga Music is not just about streaming playlists; it’s a window into the artistic preferences and creative insights of diverse artists. Curated by Demna, the series started with his own mix and has since featured collaborations with artists like RuPaul, Aya Nakamura, Acid Arab, and Pink Martini, each bringing their unique flair to the platform.

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