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Axel Arigato Expands Global Community Project to China

Axel Arigato’s Continuous Growth Since Its Inception in 2014

Axel Arigato, a Swedish footwear brand established in 2014, has continued to expand through its “Drop of The Week” selling method and currently spans over 12 countries. The brand prides itself on its focus on community culture, aiming to connect urban communities in the cities where it is located.

Spotlight on Communities in London and Paris

Through initiatives like “From Soho With Love” and “From Le Marais With Love,” Axel Arigato turns the camera towards the individuals living in these vibrant cities, showcasing the brand’s roots and growth within the communities of London and Paris.

Global Community Project Reaches Shanghai, China

This time, Axel Arigato extended this global community project to China, focusing on Shanghai for the first time and creating the blockbuster “From Shanghai with Love” that pays tribute to Shanghai’s inclusive and diverse street culture. The blockbuster story filmed by photographer Rusty Nero features three groups from the community, each with different attitudes and lives — PAREJA (Nick and Pierhei), MOTHER AND SON (Aunt Qin and Future), PERSONAL (dancer Yebi).

“‘From Shanghai With Love’ is the start of our celebration of connection with the community living in this amazing city, and our commitment to further expanding our global community,” stated Albin Johansson, CEO of Axel Arigato.

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