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AMBUSH x Nike Collaboration: New Products Make First Appearance

’90s Retro Sportswear Style Strikes Again

H2: A Strong Collaboration

AMBUSH and Nike have established a close cooperative relationship through many well-received joint names; recently, AMBUSH’s manager, YOON, took the initiative to expose a new product in cooperation with Nike on his personal social media. A ’90s sports jacket is introduced, and at the same time, the different styles and positions of the logos of both sides are displayed, creating a streetwear vibe.

Retro Sportswear Meets Modern Streetwear

The jacket embodies a retro sportswear aesthetic that is sure to appeal to lovers of vintage and contemporary streetwear alike. The strategically placed logos of both Nike and AMBUSH only add to its uniqueness, making it a standout piece in any wardrobe.

Upcoming Release

It has been reported that the latest collaborative series between the two parties, including this retro sports jacket, will be released during this year’s FIFA Women’s World Cup. Fans of the style should be sure to follow the release closely.

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