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Adidas Reveals The Truth About Ronaldo’s “Hair Goal”

Avid sports fans and casual viewers alike went into a frenzy on social media after the match between Uruguay and Portugal at the Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup. The game ended with Portugal as the winner, scoring two goals. However, there was a query on whether Portugal’s first goal was by Burno Fernandes or Cristiano Ronaldo. It was speculated to be Ronaldo’s “Hair Goal,” as there was an alleged belief that the ball made contact with the players’ hair. There was even talk of providing evidence to prove the goal was Ronaldo’s.

The claim was disputed as actual evidence was provided by Adidas. As the official sponsor and provider of the balls used in the game, Adidas claimed that technology shows no contact was made. This was evident through the refined “connected ball technology” and the 500 Hz IMU sensor in the ball, which showed no external forces measured, hence no “hair goal.”

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