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Zackary Arthur: I take this legacy seriously Zackary Arthur: I take this legacy seriously Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine


Zackary Arthur: I take this legacy seriously

Zackary Arthur is a young actor who has been part of more than twenty acting projects all over his career, including some acclaimed TV shows. However, this year, we all fell for him when we saw his astonishing portray of Jake Wheeler in the recently released Chucky, the hit USA/SYFY show created by Don Mancini, the legendary mastermind who changed horror for good.

In Chucky, Zackary Arthur manages to bring to life a teenager whose frailty and good heart catch our sympathy while making us reflect on the kind of society we are currently living in. So, we couldn’t miss the opportunity to have a conversation with this young man who claims to take Chucky’s legacy seriously.

Zackary Arthur
Zackary Arthur | Photo by Monroe Alvarez

Living a normal life

VT: What would you like to share with us about your origins, childhood, and when you started to work as an actor?

ZA: My brother Aiden and I started in commercials, working in student films and auditioning for films and television. I was in kindergarten when I started. We still played on our soccer teams and played baseball teams, and went to traditional school.

We started taking acting classes to learn about memorizing scripts and analyzing characters. That was really important, and we still study acting. Our parents tried to keep things normal for us while growing up. We were dedicated to acting and always did our best, but also we made sure to spend time thinking about other things and living a normal life.

VT: Besides acting, which are your other passions?

ZA: Making hip-hop beats for my YouTube channel. I’m interested in fitness and working out with my brother. We like spending time with my sister, and her husband, and our family. We also have four dogs: Oliver, Dodger, Penelope, and Lulu.

Zackary Arthur
Zackary Arthur | Photo by Monroe Alvarez

VT: When you were a child, what were your favorite toys? Do you still have any of them?

ZA: My stuffed chimp named Chim Chim after the character in Speed Racer. Nerf guns, Hot Wheels, dinosaurs, and Beyblades.

I still have Chim Chim and some of my Hot Wheels.

chucky: Zackary Arthur
Brad Dourif, Bjorgvin Arnarson, Alyvia Alyn Lind, Zackary Arthur, and Avery Esteves in Chucky (2021) |© 2021 SYFY Media, LLC

I take this legacy seriously

VT: Having the previous questions in mind, how did you feel when you found out that you were part of the Chucky TV show?

ZA: It was incredible. First of all, Don Mancini is so cool, and when I heard I actually got it, I couldn’t even believe it. I still can’t believe it sometimes.

VT: Chucky, for decades, has been every child’s nightmares and yet has some of the most faithful fans in the horror industry. So, do you consider this show will honor and preserve this legacy?

ZA: It absolutely does, and it introduces new themes as well. It has all of the previous elements and adds new elements. I take this legacy seriously and really want the fans to know how incredible they are. Everyone that I met working on this project is so talented and amazing.

VT: Are there any similarities between Jake Wheeler, your character on Chucky, and you? 

ZA: We are both creative, and we both like art. We are both accepting of people.

I think Jake is a problem solver and has so much compassion for people. I am a sensitive person, like Jake. In the series, he makes the right decision by forgiving Lexy. I really like that he did what was the right thing to do. I would be friends with Jake if he was real. I like who Jake is, and I have learned a lot from this character.

Zackary Arthur
Zackary Arthur | Photo by Monroe Alvarez

We have a voice in society

VT: Changing the subject a bit, whenever you can, you do not miss any opportunity to invite people to support others and give back. So, do you believe young people can bring real change in society?

ZA: I do believe we have a voice in society, and I think that there is a lot we can do to help spread awareness and help people feel validated no matter what our age is.

It’s so important to volunteer for things and really see what people go through.

VT: What are your plans for the future?

ZA: I want to continue acting and branch out into writing, directing, and producing films and television projects.

I have learned so much from Don Mancini because he is so cool to take the time to teach us when we ask questions about the script, how to put things together and how to run a show.

My brother and I have our own production company that we want to really focus on; right now, we are working hard doing our normal school work, and there is a lot of work. We are trying to get ahead in our school work and have time to start working on projects.

VT: As Chucky also portrays social issues like bullying or insecurities, what message would you like to share with those who currently might be experiencing similar problems to those we see on the show?

ZA: In our show, we really get to see what makes some people turn into bullies. It’s good to know but that doesn’t solve the problem.

It’s important to get help and to talk about it if you are getting bullied. Having good friends can really help, and also getting into groups that support you. If you can talk to a teacher, a parent, or someone in your family, you can get help. You are not alone.

VT: Anything else you would like to tell the readers of Vanity Teen?

ZA: Never give up on your dreams. In acting, you audition for hundreds of jobs before you get one, but you can’t give up. And this can happen in every profession or even in school, but just keep your dream alive and do everything you can to move forward.

 Thank you, Vanity Teen! And thank you for reading this interview.

Zackary Arthur
Zackary Arthur | Photo by Monroe Alvarez

Before we go

Zackary Arthur ignites in all of us a joyful sympathy, and it seems like every time he smiles invites us to think about others and do our best to show kindness to everyone.  I cannot help but love his ability to show emotions with small gestures and the right words, the ones that come from honesty.

We can follow his work and stay tuned with his new projects on social media @1zackaryarthur. Also, we can see him in Chucky every Tuesday on USA Network and SYFY.

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