Woodz Digital Cover - Aedan Juvet

WOODZ (@woodz_dnwm) is particularly reputable when it comes to demanding attention for his craft, but the singer-songwriter’s brand new mini-album Colorful Trauma activates his chameleon qualities with a notably fresh spin on the rebellious pop-punk attitude of the early ‘00s.

In terms of modern pop music expectations, WOODZ has already hit all the right notes for peers and listeners alike, but just under a decade ago, the esteemed performer had an entirely different trajectory in mind. With a skillset and passion that originally led him down an athletic path – WOODZ’s fascination with music eventually helped him in discovering even greater potential than he thought was possible. 

Woodz Digital Cover - Aedan Juvet
Photography: Yuehua Entertainment | Stylist: Kim Wook | Hair: E Z (ODD SHOP) | Makeup: Nam Yu Hyun (Odd Shop)

Currently, WOODZ’s passion for art has helped him turn an unassured transition into a game-changing career maneuver, and gave him the uncommon opportunity to tap into his most inventive desires. By surpassing over 400,000 albums sold as a soloist, and elite contributions to various group dynamics in K-pop, the artist is graciously fulfilling major milestones while setting himself up to eventually attain timeless stardom. 

The striking shades of his newest body of work help WOODZ elevate his notoriety by branding Colorful Trauma as a color palette of emotions that feel in tune with his recurring musical influences. The kaleidoscope of sounds from the performer revisits an aforementioned pop-punk familiarity on “I hate you”, and takes a hard right when taking initiative within the gritty trenches of “Dirt on my leather.” 

WOODZ for Vanity Teen Magazine | By: Aedan Juvet

Regardless of the challenge at hand, WOODZ will handle each chapter with complete dignity and confidence, because if we’ve learned anything about the singer from the public and firsthand – it’s that he’s in it for all the right reasons. 

As our final digital cover star for the month of May, WOODZ opens up about what Colorful Trauma signifies, the risks that led him to this very moment, and where his passions might be taking him next.

Woodz Digital Cover - Aedan Juvet
Photography: Yuehua Entertainment | Stylist: Kim Wook | Hair: E Z (ODD SHOP) | Makeup: Nam Yu Hyun (Odd Shop)

You’ve shared that when you were growing up, you had a massive love for soccer (or football depending on the region) and hoped to pursue that path before eventually recognizing your love for music. How nerve-wracking was it to make that directional pivot?

WOODZ: I was never given any certainty that this would be the correct path, therefore, I was very anxious at the time. However, deep inside me, I had a feeling that there might be a small probability of success. I believe I was able to get where I am today and overcome obstacles because I believed in myself and I knew I had to move forward no matter what. 

People then developed an appreciation for you pretty early on in your career which must have given you some sense of assurance or comfort that following your gut was the correct choice! What was your first, most simplistic intention when you chose to focus on music?

WOODZ: A lot of thinking and thought processes happen every time I work on my music, Failure, anxiety, joy, affection, excitement, etc, all these emotions become even more sensitive and I do my best to be in control. Also, making music is time for me to reflect on myself because I actually can learn a lot about who I am. Furthermore, I hope to be an amazing person who is chill and down to earth as I go further down my career. And of course, I truly want to understand myself. Through this journey, I wish to continue making quality music and share it with as many people as possible so that I can create enjoyable memories. I will further develop my music, which is the bridge between my fans and me, and pour in all my time and effort.

Woodz Digital Cover - Aedan Juvet
Photography: Yuehua Entertainment | Stylist: Kim Wook | Hair: E Z (ODD SHOP) | Makeup: Nam Yu Hyun (Odd Shop)

Can you recall one specific moment when your first realized that your art was starting to connect with people, and how did you process the emotions that came with that?

WOODZ: My track, “Meaningless” comes to my mind. It isn’t necessarily a jubilant track but I’ve seen people empowered by the track’s lyrics and music. I’ve seen those who struggled come to a conclusion that he or she ‘wasn’t wrong’ and that they are overcoming hardships. The time I read the lyrics was most memorable. After completing my track, “Meaningless” I’ve worked on various types of music but I’ve come to realize that I want to create music that gives people hope and strength. 

You began your career with UNIQ and gained a lot of support from fans, so I can imagine that that was a great adventure as well. What was the biggest takeaway from your time in a group – and how has being in a group helped you in your career today?

WOODZ: I think it’s the biggest reason why I am today. I had friends who would share good moments with the members, so even if there were some hard things going on, we were able to overcome them together. I was able to learn a lot of things, such as sharing, unity, empathy, and so on, and what I realized from being loved by so many people was that love is not something that is taken for granted, and I want to live by sharing love in my own way.

Woodz Digital Cover - Aedan Juvet
Photography: Yuehua Entertainment | Stylist: Kim Wook | Hair: E Z (ODD SHOP) | Makeup: Nam Yu Hyun (Odd Shop)

More recently, you’ve been able to enjoy the challenges of solo music which generally has a much more personal touch to it. What are some of the most prominent things that you’ve learned about yourself since debuting as a soloist?

WOODZ: I’m still in the process of going down the definition of what I like and what I don’t like. I’m doing a good job of organizing very simple things, but I think I need to do some more cleanup and remember them to get to know more about me. 

You even achieved your first music program win on The Show last year, which is always an exciting turning point for an artist and there are a lot of spectacular artists vying to have that moment! How do those typical accomplishments compare to what brings you personal satisfaction in music?

WOODZ: I actually don’t try to create music for those particular moments. I absolutely cherish and enjoy those moments my fans give me, but what is most important to me are the moments that my fans and I create together. Besides the competition and the rankings, I prefer cooperation, respect, and love above all else. Furthermore, when I was younger I achieved to be the best but now, somehow naturally, I know what is important to me. I do not know if my mind will change but as of now, I want to focus on making great memories with my fans and work at my own pace. As a result, I believe I will see a satisfactory outcome.

Woodz Digital Cover - Aedan Juvet
Photography: Yuehua Entertainment | Stylist: Kim Wook | Hair: E Z (ODD SHOP) | Makeup: Nam Yu Hyun (Odd Shop)

Your new EP Colorful Trauma captivates people from the title to the content itself, giving listeners a peek at this fun-loving, boundary-breaking version of yourself – so what would you say was the most freeing part of this entire process for you?

WOODZ: I enjoyed how I was able to be very honest with myself when I had to ask myself questions and answer them. For the first track, “Dirt on my Leather,” when I was working on it, I didn’t have to consider other people’s criticism. I basically thought to myself ‘Let’s daringly and boldly do what we want’ when writing the lyrics and as a result, I think many listeners were exuberant and their reactions have left a lasting impression in my own memory. 

“I Hate You” is everything people could want without even realizing they needed it! There’s a fun early 2000s punk edge, but still in a playful way. Is this a style you’ve always enjoyed or was this something that felt like a more in-the-moment idea?

WOODZ: I am so sure that this was the style of music I loved when I was a kid. I believe I was exposed to a lot of band music when I was a kid. I’ve listened to various genres but my heart headed towards band sounds. I don’t know how things will change but I plan to make better music.

Woodz Digital Cover - Aedan Juvet
Photography: Yuehua Entertainment | Stylist: Kim Wook | Hair: E Z (ODD SHOP) | Makeup: Nam Yu Hyun (Odd Shop)

Your image/style has marvelously evolved throughout the years, and I’d say you’re easily one of the most daring artists right now! What would you say is one part of your style that remains consistent? 

WOODZ: Like how music can be portrayed in various genres, I believe style isn’t consistent for the same reason. I deeply enjoy expressing myself and I think I was introverted. I thought a lot about this album and the style of the album and I wanted to be more daring and expressive. And of course, I acutely did it along the acceptable boundaries.

Now that you’re on the tail end of promotions, what comes next for you? More music? Vacation?

WOODZ: I’ve been enjoying my short break and filling myself up with energy after depleting what energy I had for my release. I plan to learn and spill my energy onto my next album. Now, it is possible to have concerts in Korea, so I plan to make enjoyable and memorable moments with my fans!

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