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WHOLE x David Bowie Capsule, A little chat with Josh Scholl

The Ukrainian art collective, collection photographed by Gorsad @grsdkyiv, and its brand WHOLE @drinkthismilk have launched a new line inspired by iconic singer David Bowie, on Bowie’s 75th birthday.

Get the capsule collection on the official WHOLE store website.

This official capsule collection celebrates the legacy of the music and fashion icon.

We had a chat with the creator you can read it below

What was the inspiration for the creation of this collection? Why did you choose David Bowie and what do he and his music represent for you?  I’ve been a HUGE Bowie fan for about as long as I can remember.  He is not only an icon for music but also fashion, sexuality, and beyond.  I’m still pinching myself as it truly is a dream.

What do you enjoy most about working in a creative field?  The ability to truly be me.

Tell me about your favorite piece in your collection. How did you design it?  Prolly the style called “Clocks“.  I love it not only because the photograph was taken by Masayoshi Sukita but if it was real, it would be the most frustrating clock in the world (ha).  I also really like the kelly green “Man who sold the world” sweatpants.

How has the war in Kyiv affected your creative and personal process?  I live in Los Angeles, but “Gorsad” who shoots all my look books (including this one) lived in Kyiv until they were recently displaced due to the conflict with Russia.  They have become an integral part of the brands (visually) and also dear friends.  So, not only is it heartbreaking for what’s happening to them and all Ukrainians, but we don’t know what the future of that creative partnership will look like if this keeps up.  Fingers crossed, we can keep working together but it’s stressful because of the unknown.

Do you want to tell us something about your next projects?  Well, these collections just dropped this week, so I’m going to enjoy a little time off doing nothing but pack orders and catch up on sleep.  But, I do have a sick collab set for FW22 and another collab with a musician in the works.  But, I don’t like to discuss such things until just before the drop.

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