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Local Goes Global is a concept Pop-up store & creative space that aims to present Portuguese talents around the fashion week capitals. They promote a careful selection of brands and artists that go from shoes, men and womenswear like Rafaelo Ferreira to chunky and fun jewelry like Pilar do Rio, all of them have a perfect vision and dedication to sustainability mixed with that special Portuguese craftsmanship value.

VTeen stopped by their space around Soho during London Fashion Week and had the chance to meet Killa Was Here, one of the artists that were in town. Killa is a talented young artist that started his career in the arts almost without noticing, after helping out some friends at a fair in Portugal he found himself intrigued and hungry to learn more about painting. 

As he told us, Killa Was Here is a self-taught artist and he’s proud of it – still learning and with his mind open, he started painting acrylic in his studio when he had his first solo exhibition in Porto and now his work is expanding to sculpture and new materials, even playing with laminated gold leafs. Most of his inspiration comes from personal life experiences, love, and death, but also from the cities he visits, the everyday life, and of course from the strong connection he has with music. 

Taking the iconography of his paintings he is now launching a merchandising line with caps and hoodies produced in Portugal and fine jewelry done in collaboration with one of his friends from Porto – all featuring his representative smileys and butterflies. The merchandising line was presented right beside some of his best sculptures and art at the Soho Pop-up under the umbrella of London Fashion Week, where Killa also had a live performance painting at its launching event.

Killa Was Here is working on a new exhibition for December, but in the meantime, you can still check his work at Local Goes Global Pop-up that will be traveling next to Milan, Moscow, and Qatar throughout the year so make sure to stop by if you have the chance to be around! 

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