"VESSEL 2" by BADSON: Officially Launched and Breaking Boundaries "VESSEL 2" by BADSON: Officially Launched and Breaking Boundaries Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

“VESSEL 2” by BADSON: Officially Launched and Breaking Boundaries

Edgy, Niche Design Continues to Turn Heads

BADSON, a brand championed by post-2000 Asian designers, continues to garner increasing attention with its stunning and innovative designs. Further reinforcing this reputation, they have officially launched their latest series, “VESSEL 2”, featuring their signature trailblazing design style.

Standout Pieces to Wow the Crowd

This new collection offers a slew of attention-grabbing pieces, including trousers with removable pockets adorned with three-dimensional circular patterns, wavy spray-dyed hoodies, and tension-bringing hooded sweaters. Each item in this series celebrates the unique, pushing the boundaries of conventional design.

Currently, this latest array of groundbreaking pieces has made its grand debut on the official BADSON website. For those who appreciate niche and pioneering design, “VESSEL 2” by BADSON is a collection not to be missed. Step into the future of fashion with BADSON.

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