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The fight in Instagram for oppressed collectives’ rights The fight in Instagram for oppressed collectives’ rights Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine


The fight in Instagram for oppressed collectives’ rights

The Black Justice, the fight against racism, and the Body Positivity Movement already were in the messages sent by some influencers through social medias, like Instagram. These influencers could be called BBI (Black Beauty Instagrammers). However, these black influencers fight at the same time for being equal to the rest of white influencers, but also in favour of black rights.

Having that double fight and expressing it through beauty posts make them characteristic and special. Since George Floyd’s murdered by a white policeman, the messages against racism have been increased. However, this “actual fight” has been present in their Instagram accounts for much longer. Moreover, advice about which foundation is better for black skin or for hydrating afro hair can also be found in their Instagram profiles, and that is why they profiles are part of one of the most important pillars of Instagram’s purpose.

These instagrammers have been fighting for oppressed collectives’ rights for much longer


Gabi Fresh (@gabifresh) is a fashion blogger who is mostly known for designing her own lingerie line for Playful Promises and, also, 13 separate swimwear collections for Swimsuits4All. Gabi leads through her Instagram account the Body Positivity Movement with her sexy outfits and her plus-size designs.

She launched her lifestyle blog in 2008 and after this she has gained notoriety and influence in the social media thanks to disrupting myths about how plus-size women have to dress like. She has always defended that bikinis, skirts, or crop tops, among others, are not only for skinny shoppers. Because of all of these Gabi Fresh has demonstrated that a plus-size girl can be equal to skinny girls and also can have the same influence in social media.


Christina Brown’s (@lovebrownsugar) experience in the Bloggers World seems to be a dream for every blogger lover. One day she decided to launch her own blog named LoveBrownSugar as a way of creating a community of people with similar ideas and tastes. Moreover, the success produced for that blog launched in 2009 pushed her to launch others two blogs (BabyBrownSugar and BrownGirlsLove) and, also, a shop online (ShopLoveBrownSugar), transforming her from a fashion blogger to a tech mogul.

With all of this, Christina has been able to use these platforms in order to create a career for herself instead of just using them as megaphones for thoughts and ideas. Moreover, she has always used these platforms as a way of representing coloured people, because of their minimal representation in media.


New Yorker Kelly Augustine (@kellyaugustineb) is an instagrammer who shares in her social media her lifestyle, interests, and experiences. But always focussed on plus size fashion, Brown beauty, and New York City lifestyle.

Kelly shares in her blog all of these contents in the last eight years ago. Moreover, she launched her own brand named August Raye which is specialised in supporting small brands that offer plus sizes. Kelly Augustine also represents the power of black people in the blogging industry with her fight for normalising plus sizes.


Courtney Danielle (@curlsandcouture) was also born and raised in New York City. She started in this industry through her YouTube Channel and she also founded the platform called  CurlsandCouture. Through her social media, Courtney Danielle has always tried to inspire young girls and women to embrace their natural hair.

Courtney Danielle has always tried to inspire young girls and women to embrace their natural hair

When Courtney started to be more recognised, she opened her content to other topics like beauty, fashion travel or wellness, among others. Thanks to her, thousands of girls and women have seen the beauty in their natural hair and not having a complex over it.


Jari Jones is a Black transgender actress, curve model, and activist. In her social media (@iamjarijones) she fights for the rights of the Black collective, the LGTBIQ+ collective, and the plus size too. She recently published in her Instagram account that she has become a new model for the brand Calvin Klein for a campaign in honour the Pride Month.

Jari celebrated in her Instagram the launch of the campaign with a champagne bottle and an inspiring message which summary could be that ‘Black Trans lives matter’. Thanks to all of this she demonstrates how difficult a black trans person’s life is and how much they have to fight for being recognised and respected.

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There are moments that I heard about, that help you forget when the world told you “Never” !!! . . There are these moments I heard about about that help you heal when the society has tried to beat you down , over and over again. . . There are these very real moments that I heard about that help you feel affirmed even when you don’t see yourself. . . I’ve been searching my whole life for those moments, I got tired of looking for those moments. . . So I decided to create them. Not for me but for the next dreamer, outcast, queer, trans, disabled, fat, beautiful black, piece of starlight waiting for their moment to shine. . . It has been such an honor and pleasure to sit in my most authentic self and present imagery of a body that far to often has been demonized, harassed , made to feel ugly and unworthy and even killed. . . I present this image ,myself and all that my body stands for to my community and chosen family, in hope that they see themselves more clearly than ever and further realize that they are worthy of celebration , of compassion , of love and gratitude. . . – Thank you to @ryanmcginleystudios and the @calvinklein family for a collaboration that will hopefully be a symbol of hope and love during these moments. BLACK TRANS LIVES MATTER!! . . . . #calvinklein #blacklivesmatter #blacktranslivesmatter #transisbeautiful #queer #celebratemysize #actress #honormycurves #pride? #bodydiversity #soho #effyourbeautystandards #curvygirl #curvemodel #influencer #billboard #plussize #plusmodel #influencer #plussizemodel #bodypositive #swimwear #campaign #newyork #melanin #model #ad #sponsored

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All of these instagrammers keep fighting in their social media, and thanks to them things are starting to change. They are just a few of all the ones there, but their fight could be considered the same: Respect and recognition for minority collectives that are constantly punished by the white heteropatriarchy.

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