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Taja Spasskova exclusive interview Taja Spasskova exclusive interview Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine


Taja Spasskova exclusive interview

Today we interviewed Taja Spasskova @tajaspasskova a visual artist, photographer and creative director based in Prague, who told us about her new project ‘Remote’ which you can see down below.

She was born in Grodno, Belarus but in 2011 she moved to the Czech Republic where she studied art. Taja is mostly working on photography, abstract drawing and concept art and her practice focus on projects regarding social and spiritual issues. Amongst some of her accomplishments such as being featured in many magazines, Spasskova was awarded the Art Prize CBM Premia Carlo Bona o Minella, Turin, and won the Forum Czech Republic – Bavaria competition.

In this exclusive interview, we asked her about what inspires her, how she would define her own style and some other questions to allow our readers to really understand her work and what she wants to tell with it.

Taja Spasskova

Q: How would you define your style?

A: Naturalness, expressive, atmospheric and symbolic, with a big focus on composition and visual narratives.

Q: What inspires you in your creative process?

A: Daily life and nature inspire me. How the light is playing with objects and atmosphere. I have a lot of inspiration from people around, from their psychological structures and behavior. And I have a lot of fresh ideas and creative energy from my meditation practice. 

Q: How do you rely on fashion in your creations?

A: In the commission projects, fashion usually has a central position. But in my personal projects, I’m mostly working with more abstract themes.

Q: Is it hard to work in this industry?

A: I think each industry has special complicated moments. But in general, your attitude influences the situation very much. I’m trying to concentrate on the process, step by step building my own way. It helps me not to be frustrated during the hard moments of the work.

Q: Do your creations speak about you or a feeling in particular?

A: It depends on each project. Some of my works speak about me and are very personal. Other series are more about reflexing and analyzing the surroundings. It is not always autobiographical. But naturally, I work with themes that touch me and I’m passing them through the prism of my own awareness.

Q: Would you change anything in the world?

A: I could imagine a perfect world without intolerance and aggression. It would be amazing to live in a place without conviction, violence and pain.

Q: Which principles and ideologies do you think Vanity Teen stands up for?

A: I think Vanity Teen stands up for free expression of personality through fashion and style. It stands up for view on gender and sexuality without stereotypes and out of frames.

About the project: ‘Remote’

“My efforts were inspired by the process of the ever-increasing tendencies of digitalization. Virtual reality, including social networks, has become an integral part
of our lives. During the lockdown period, the impact of connecting the world on-line and off-line has significantly strengthened. The boundaries of both planes of existence have suddenly disappeared. Naturally, the theme of isolation encouraged me to work with self-portraits. I experimented with the visual principles of self-presentation. I found my inspiration in the aesthetics used on social networks, fashion editorials, and technologies.”

“I worked with augmented reality and manage all the processes remotely and myself, being only one real team member. All project was shot with an iPhone camera. I created looks using the digital fashion and instead of the normal makeup, I used Instagram filters. Developing the area of digital fashion could help to find a solution of ecological problems that are connected with fashion production. It could help to make fashion production more sustainable. Lockdown was an impulse to discovering new ways of creation, working remotely, and adaptation in the context of the new rules.”

Exclusive interview for Vanity Teen online!

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