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SPOILER! Euphoria 2, dramatic character death breaks fans’ hearts

Euphoria 2 HBO MAX, the dramatic death of a character breaks the hearts of fans, the final chapter gave us one of the most dramatic scenes of the series.

SPOILER!! In episode 7

viewers watched as Custer arrived at Fez’s house to talk to him. His goal was to get him to give information about Muse’s death.

Faye, upon learning the truth, warns Fez that he is being recorded. Ashtray notices and has a knife in his hand. In the midst of the tension, the teenager approaches Custer and kills him. At this Fezco tells him, “You go, I’ll take care of it. Remember, I’m to blame.”

His brother was waiting for him in jail, Ash decides to sacrifice himself and goes into the bathroom with the weapons they have. Faye is surprised by a gas bomb.

Fez goes to him and tells him to come out. Failing to achieve his goal, the police point a gun at him. He tells them that there is a child inside the bathroom and not to shoot. Ashtray starts shooting.

Fezco is shot and falls to the ground. As he screams for Ash to escape, the police shoot again. When one of the officers approaches the bathroom, opens the door, and sees him lying on the floor, he announces that he is dead, but Ashtray gets up and attacks him with his gun.

This provoked the rest of the cops to shoot him. Under Fez’s watchful eye, Ash dies.

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