Seoul to Build World's Largest Spokeless Ferris Wheel for Thrilling Skyline Views Seoul to Build World's Largest Spokeless Ferris Wheel for Thrilling Skyline Views Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

Seoul to Build World’s Largest Spokeless Ferris Wheel for Thrilling Skyline Views

If you’re someone who loves amusement parks but can’t handle the roller coasters, there’s a new attraction coming to Seoul that might just be up your alley! The world’s largest spokeless Ferris wheel, called the “Seoul Ring,” is set to be built in Haneul Park and will provide stunning views of the city. At 180 meters tall, it will be quite a sight to see!

Spokeless Ferris wheels are a relatively new invention, with wires historically running through the center of the wheel. Modern technology now allows cars to revolve without them. The “Seoul Ring” will have 36 carriages with a capacity of up to 25 passengers each, allowing for up to 12,000 people to ride each day.

The wheel’s location in Haneul Park was chosen for various reasons, including its proximity to North Korea. The Seoul Metropolitan Government hopes to concentrate its desire and wishes for a unified Korea and national unity on the Ring. The projected overall cost of the structure is $411 million, and construction is set to begin in 2025 with completion anticipated for 2027. The Ferris wheel will use green technology, such as solar power, making it an eco-friendly project.

With plans to install gondola lifts and moving walkways, Haneul Park will be easily accessible to visitors. This is just one of several eco-friendly projects in the Sangam-dong neighborhood, which was once a dump. The “Seoul Ring” is sure to be a popular attraction for both locals and tourists alike, providing a unique and thrilling way to take in the city’s skyline.

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