Sasquatch Fabrics Embraces Irony in '$$$' Themed Collection Sasquatch Fabrics Embraces Irony in '$$$' Themed Collection Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

Sasquatch Fabrics Embraces Irony in ‘$$$’ Themed Collection

“While the world amplifies the power of ‘$’ (money), Sasquatch Fabrics brings back Picasso’s peace symbol, the white dove, in an intriguing seasonal fashion narrative.”

Sasquatch Fabrics: Where Peace Meets Materialism Sasquatch Fabrics’ theme for this season is “$$$,” a poignant reminder of the ironic fact that in a world where people increasingly advocate for love and peace, the power of “$” (money) only strengthens. The collection stands out with Pablo Picasso’s iconic motif of a “white dove carrying an olive branch” taking center stage.

Picasso originally sketched this symbol for a poster at the World Conference for Peace held in Paris in 1949, and it has since become universally recognized as a symbol of peace. This season, Sasquatch Fabrics has artistically redrawn Picasso’s white dove with an olive branch in its beak, using it as an accent on feather vests. The Picasso-esque original prints adorn the back of the vests and scarves, adding a unique touch to the collection.

The brand has also introduced the original jacquard with the dove drawing, casually applied on different levels of outerwear and jacquard pants. Knitwear and jackets with all-over dove prints have been designed, allowing the “symbol of peace” to permeate the entire collection.

The collection features jackets and pants expressing camouflage patterns with original paintings. Outfits based in yellow with colors like green and pink, or light purple-based outfits with light green or orange paint-like patterns add a pop of color to the collection.

The color palette revolves around natural earth tones like mustard, burgundy, navy, and khaki. Among them, khaki, positioned as an olive green color, is a hue that resonates with the olive branch held by Picasso’s dove, subtly tying the collection back to its central theme.

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