Romain Kremer Returns to Origins with Unique 'Sport Couture' Collection Romain Kremer Returns to Origins with Unique 'Sport Couture' Collection Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

Romain Kremer Returns to Origins with Unique ‘Sport Couture’ Collection

The New Collection Merges Athleticism with Romanticism in an Unexpected Way.

Back to Roots in ‘Sport Couture’

Romain Kremer has come back to his origins, curating a distinctive and intimate collection affectionately termed ‘Sport Couture’. Working alone in his Parisian apartment, he meticulously designed each piece, drawing inspiration from a broad range of athletic disciplines such as gymnastics, surfing, and ice skating. The designs seamlessly integrate technical aspects with sculptural forms, subtly hinting at various uniforms while combining contrasting materials like neoprene with couture aesthetics. The result is captivating, sleek silhouettes that draw attention with their understated simplicity.

A Convergence of Athleticism and Romanticism

Within this collection, an impressive convergence occurs: athleticism intertwines with romanticism, all the while challenging traditional conceptions of masculinity. Kremer has chosen to encapsulate and document the collection in his apartment, creating a personal link between his designs and his creative process.

Departing from the Conventional Production Format

This collection signifies a departure from the typical ready-to-wear production model, aiming instead to cultivate a unique dialogue with

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