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Recacha by Juanlu Coímbra Recacha by Juanlu Coímbra Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine


Recacha by Juanlu Coímbra

“Recacha” is an Andalusian word that does not appear in the Spanish dictionary. It is a place where you can feel at ease, where you can reflect on life and where the sun beats down in a pleasant way. This feeling is unique for us, it is our unique Andalusian sun, bright and warm, which contrasts with the freshness and the emptiness of its mountains.

Madrid-based photographer Juanlu Coímbra @juanlucoimbra worked with the gorgeous models Fallou Ka @lilfalu, Linpeng Zhu @l1np3ng and Ivan Ingham @ivan__ingham represented by Agencia Aire @agenciaaire to create this beautiful fashion editorial, exclusively created for Vanity Teen online. It is a nod to the brotherhood and masculinity in the Andalusian rural world; to those moments of calm and, also, loneliness. It is also a nod to respect between cultures, reinterpreted with a respectful new vision of our current society and the new masculinities together with the globalised fashion world.

The project has been developed between the “Poniente Granadino” and the “Sierra Sur de Jaén”. A place of olive groves, streams, farmhouses, hermitages and fountains. A place with a marked border character, a place where during centuries various cultures and ethnic groups were welcomed. A place where the members of the project’s creative team belong and where they always return to reconnect with their roots.

In charge of the makeup was Jesús Alameda @jesus_alameda_ who did a wonderful job creating a soft galm, and the pieces worn by the models are pieces from fashion design Leandro Cano @leandrocano. Gorgeous pieces in red, a lot of jewelry, crowns and special items perfectly show the story that the team wanted to tell.

Models Fallou Ka @lilfalu, Linpeng Zhu @l1np3ng and Ivan Ingham @ivan__ingham represented by Agencia Aire @agenciaaire photographed by Juanlu Coímbra @juanlucoimbra makeup by Jesús Alameda @jesus_alameda_ fashion design by Leandro Cano @leandrocano, special thanks to David Alarcón @david_alarcon__. Exclusive for Vanity Teen online!

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