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Ready Timmy Wear, What Does Timothée Chalamet Wear?

Have you ever wondered what the star of the moment and one of the most talented, stylish, and handsome celebrities wears? Of course, we are talking about Timothée Chalamet @tchalamet. Ready Timmy Wear (RTW) @readytimmywear makes it really easy for you to identify all the pieces he wears, from red carpet looks to casual and sporty outfits.

Celine, Givenchy, Chanel, Dior, Cartier, Acne Studios, Burberry, Louis Vuitton, Raf Simons, Prada, Bottega Veneta, H&M, Converse, Adidas, Nike, and a very very long list that could continue forever is what you will find in this incredible account. Even though it takes around two hours to identify each outfit, RTW succeeds in finding the pieces Chalamet wears, and we had the pleasure of asking them a couple of questions to understand the process and what it takes to run this platform.

Vanity Teen: You have a really amazing account with great content. What made you start this account talking about Timothee Chalamet’s styling?

Ready Timmy Wear: Thank you for your kind words about ReadyTimmyWear. I started the account simply because I recognized the brand / the designer of some of the outfits Timmy wore, back then when I just started to become his fan. I wanted to start talking about his outfits, but I didn’t have a fan account at the time (I only had a personal one, and I didn’t want to talk about fangirling stuff on my personal one haha). So I decided to create ReadyTimmyWear (RTW).

VT: Which is the story behind this account? How were the beginnings of it and how did you start?

RTW: I was on Twitter a lot, and at the time on Twitter, I didn’t see any style account for Timmy. So, I started ReadyTimmyWear on Twitter. I thought, why to stop at Twitter, I might as well make it available on Instagram and Weibo too (the 2 social media platforms that I’m also familiar with).
Once I had the account, then it all started. I started paying more attention to the events he attended, or new photographs of him, or his social media updates. From these new updates then I started the whole process of identifying each item he was wearing. It was pretty quiet and chill in the beginning because RTW was essentially unknown. And I was completely okay with that since I did it because I just wanted to.

VT: Did you expect that your profile would become so big and so popular when you first started it? How did you feel about that increase in popularity?

RTW: Thank you for saying all of this about RTW, but I still don’t think RTW is that popular hahaha. I mean, I don’t know what the measure of popular or not popular is, I’m just here running my account without ever monitoring the growth, to be honest. So to answer your question, did I expect that my profile would become what it is right now? Not at all. Like I said previously, I did this because I just wanted to. Fashion is one of my interests, so in the beginning, I thought of running RTW as a fun side hobby/activity to do whenever I had spare time. No thought whatsoever about how to grow my account, how to get followers, etc.

How did I feel about the increase in popularity? I feel grateful and sometimes also nervous and terrified hahaha. I feel grateful because this thing I do during my spare time can be appreciated by more and more people. Also, it feels nice when there are always followers leaving nice comments on RTW posts. It never fails to make me smile.
At the same time, when I think about how many people see my posts or depend on my account to find items Timmy has worn, it makes me nervous hahaha. I’m not a professional, and I’m bound to make mistakes. I think it’s better for me not to know who RTW followers are, and not to think of RTW as a ‘popular’ account.

VT: I believe your posts require a lot of time to do the research and a lot of hard work in order to find every piece Timothee wears. How long does it take you to find the exact pieces he wears and how is that process?

RTW: Yes, there’s a lot of time spent behind each post. For red carpet events, there’s always media coverage, and I can find information about his outfit in the published articles. So for big events like red carpets, I usually wait for these articles in order to get details/info on his look and wait for press photos to be released. Once I get the information, it might take an hour to look for the items and prepare the post. For big events, I always take my time.
For anything else, it depends on whether or not I can immediately recognize the items. I rely on details because details help me in my search. If I recognize the items right away, or I can easily search the item based on the details I see, it’ll probably take me an hour to prepare the post. If it requires further, deeper search, I usually set aside around 2 hours to do it. I would go to Vogue Runway to check the collections of designers Timmy likes to wear. Or I would go to online stores/boutiques like farfetch or ssense to search for the item. If after 2 hours I’ve got no result, I’ll just continue later, or the next day, or whenever I have spare time.
Some items can take several weeks or even months. Mostly because I have to find the spare time to continue the searching. Nowadays the way I operate is: try not to stress over it. If I can find the items, I’ll post them. If I can’t find some items, then I just won’t post.

A little TMI from me: one thing that maybe some don’t realize is that knowing the designer/brand of an item is probably only 50% of the process. The rest of it is looking for the best picture available of the item, looking for the original price (for example, sneakers on the resale market are often much more expensive than the original price, so I need to find the original price), find the best photo of Timothee to be included in the post (When it’s a video, then I need to do some screen-capturing. When it’s a live broadcast and I recognize the outfit, I need to screen-capture the live broadcast, or record the live stream to then screen-capture it), and finally open the image editor in order to put all of these components together into a graphic that you see on each RTW post.

VT: I don’t know if you had experience or knowledge in fashion before starting this account, but I would like to know, how has your love for fashion grown since the birth of your account?

RTW: Zero experience in fashion. I’m not educated in fashion, my work is nowhere near fashion, and I don’t have any friends working in the fashion industry. Fashion is just something that interests and fascinates me. Creating RTW has made me pay more attention to menswear fashion. I watch more runway shows, I pay a bit more attention to designers that Timmy likes to wear often, and all of this makes me appreciate menswear fashion more. Before RTW, I usually read fashion magazines that were mostly focused on womenswear. In a way, I guess RTW has broadened my fashion horizon.

VT: And more importantly, how have your fashion skills been affected? Are you now more stylish thanks to what you see him wearing, or have you learned more about styling and high fashion?

RTW: Well, I think I don’t really have fashion skills, to begin with, hahaha, so I’m not sure whether I am more skilled now. Like I previously mentioned, I think now I just have a broader look at fashion, and I start being able to appreciate more things in fashion, all the little details that I might not have paid attention to before.

In terms of personal style, sorry to say that I think I stay pretty much the same. I think at this point I know myself, what kind of style suits me best. I’m pretty much a simple, preppy style kind of gal. And it’s so different from Timmy’s style, so I don’t really try to replicate his style.

VT: Let’s test your fashion skills (something easy) If you were to be the stylist of Timothee for one day, for a red carpet, a TV show, or any other kind of public event, which brands and pieces would you choose for him and why?

RTW: Oh this one is maybe less of a test as a stylist and more of my own personal wish to see Timmy in a Dior Homme suit by Kim Jones, from the Fall 2019 collection. A lot of the jackets in this collection have this sash draped across the front part of it. I thought they looked very regal and so princely. Or maybe I just have always had a thing for sash. And after seeing Timmy as Paul Atreides in Dune, I thought of this Fall 2019 collection again, with its princely suit jackets.

VT: You probably know a lot about Tim and seeing him wearing so many different outfits and styles I’m sure you must have picked up some things. Which would you say is the best trend/piece Tim has followed/worn? And the worst?

RTW: For several times already now, Timmy has worn pieces from women’s collections. Most notably, several suits from Stella McCartney that you can find under the women’s category. I think Timmy should continue doing this. This shows that there is nothing limiting his style. I love it when he does this, the fans love it when he does this, and he can always pull it off.

Another thing that I think is the best is whenever Timmy is spotted wearing items given by fans. It’s best to see fans getting excited because Timmy wears their gift. Be it a hat, a t-shirt, or socks (lots and lots of socks). Nothing gets better than this. I hope Timmy never stops doing this.

As for the worst, I really can’t think of anything. I don’t think I have the authority to say which Timmy’s outfit is the worst. Just in general, I love when an outfit fits him or is tailored to fit him nicely. So when the opposite happens, it just gives me a tiny bit of an itch hahaha.

VT: Which are the most expensive items he’s ever worn? And in your opinion, does always expensive mean stylish?

RTW: I believe the most expensive items are jewelry pieces. He was recently appointed as friend-of-the-house by Cartier, and he’s been wearing tons of Cartier to the red carpets. So, yeah.. the jewelry.

Expensive doesn’t always mean stylish. Though for me most of the time expensive items look stylish. I feel like knowing an item is expensive adds a ‘wow’ factor to my judgment so I would look at this item already with a notion that this item must be special to warrant that kind of price hahaha. And being stylish doesn’t always mean expensive. Timmy has worn some items that he got from thrift stores, and he managed to make them look good. If you know what to look for, and have the confidence to wear it, then anything can look good and stylish.

VT: Which pieces do you think fit him best? Like for example, which kind of vibe or style does he look better wearing?

RTW: For me, I think Timmy looks best when he’s being a little playful with his outfit on the red carpet; loud patterns, vibrant colors. He’s young, he’s a fun person, and it’s great when his outfit can show that. Doesn’t hurt that he’s beautiful and can pull off anything. He can be as playful as he wants to be.

VT: To conclude, how do you think your account will evolve? Do you have more ideas in mind to do something different? How has it affected your life?

RTW: To be honest, I never think about “what’s next” in terms of RTW. RTW is an account I created because I’m a fan of Timothee, and also as a fun side-hobby where I can learn a little about style and fashion. I got a comment once, saying that, “oh you’re so late posting this outfit”. Honestly, it wasn’t fun reading this type of comment. But then I told myself, RTW is not my main job, and I owed this commenter nothing. I always tell myself not to let this account feel like a job and consume too much of my time.
I think this applies to anyone running a fan account. We all do it because we are fans, we get to contribute a little bit to the fandom, we get to interact with other fans, and we all have fun doing it. When running a fan account starts to feel like work or like a job, then maybe it’s time to step back and rethink.
As long as I have fun and have the time to do it, I hope I can keep RTW active for a long time, and be a witness to the rise of Timothee Chalamet as a fashion icon!

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