OUTDOOR PRODUCTS Launches ODP452 Series: A Fresh Take on Urban Style. OUTDOOR PRODUCTS Launches ODP452 Series: A Fresh Take on Urban Style. Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

OUTDOOR PRODUCTS Launches ODP452 Series: A Fresh Take on Urban Style.

Urban outdoor brand OUTDOOR PRODUCTS, founded in 1973, has teamed up with former THE NORTH FACE black label chief designer and current OUTDOOR PRODUCTS head of design, Hiroshi Ogawa, to create the new ODP452 series. This fresh line embodies the brand’s “PACK FOR LIFE” concept with a revitalized design language.

Drawing inspiration from the brand’s classic 452U bag, Hiroshi Ogawa incorporates its design elements into apparel, fusing classic designs with a modern understanding of style. The result is a bag that not only suits the contemporary urban functional aesthetic but also meets daily functional requirements for commuting and outdoor hikes.

The ODP452 product line integrates functional elements based on classic clothing styles, bringing forth items like the sweater jacket, coach jacket, bomber jacket, and Camper vest that showcase the “special shape” of the bags, as well as more functional sweaters, long and short-sleeved tees, and other basic styles.

To celebrate the launch of the ODP452 series, OUTDOOR PRODUCTS held an event in Beijing. The event showcased urban outdoor-inspired artwork, a giant 452U bag window installation, and DIY badge activities centered around the brand’s 50th anniversary and the 452U bag’s iconic pattern. Notably, designer Hiroshi Ogawa attended the event and shared insights into the design concept and key elements of the ODP452 product line.

The new ODP452 series from OUTDOOR PRODUCTS is currently available at major designated stores. Interested readers can keep an eye out for this trendy and functional collection.

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