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OTHER FW21 Collection Rebel Rebel

OTHER presents a new collection named Rebel Rebel for the Fall/Winter 2021 season. The collection is based on the contemporary interpretation of the popular rock n roll culture. It blends 80’s punk rock easthetics with western outlaw influences. 

To showcase this very interesting aesthetic, the brand focuses on worn-out vintage washes and fabrics combined with unique DIY aesthetics including bleaching, tie-dye, distressing, and burning. Exclusivity is also a very important point of this collection as each piece is produced in limited numbers for exclusivity with everything being hand finished and distressed within the studio to ensure an individual and unique product.

The brand is known for its iconic pieces like the classic biker jacket or the harness boots as well as some amazing headwear pieces that sit alongside bold graphics, vintage tees, DIY hand-finished flannel shirts, and denim items. The loud fabrics and patterns have become a staple of the brand on silky fabrics cut in boxy fits, oversized knitwear, and outerwear. This collection also includes very beautiful .925 Sterling silver hand-made jewelry pieces and heavy-duty wallet chains and chokers.

This amazing collection is available online now at www.otheruk.com

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