Oh Boy! by Alexander Courtman Oh Boy! by Alexander Courtman Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

Photographer Alexander Courtman @alexandercourtman shares in exclusive for Vanity Teen “Oh Boy!”, a story featuring model Bosse Thiel @bosse_thiel at Louisa Models @louisamodels.

“Originally we wanted to go for strict tank top styled story serving some playful attitude. But as the styling came along we decided just to go with the flow and let Bosses character take the lead. I wanted something very easy and most important a positive vibe. I am really happy with the results considering that Bosse hasn’t done so many shootings…we just had fun on set and I guess it shows” photographer Alexander Courtman commented about the shoot.

Model Bosse Thiel @bosse_thiel at Louisa Models @louisamodels photographed by Alexander Courtman @alexandercourtman with styling by Dirk Meycke @dirk_meycke. Grooming by Sabrina Reuschl @sabrina.reuschl.

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