There Is No Space For You by Varja Jovanović Trobec

Photographer Varja Jovanović Trobec (I.G. @varja_photo) shares in exclusive ”There Is No Space For You”. Featuring models Bojana Perhoč (I.G. @bojana.banana), Maša Ferme (I.G. @mashaferme,), and Patrik Cvetko (I.G. @patrikcvetko) at VOOM Model Management with styling by Tomi Vugrinec (I.G. @tomivug) using pieces and accessories from  Arnoldo Battois. Makeup by Terezija Vuić (I.G. @txv_m ) at JL Style Agency (I.G. @jlstylebeauty). Hair by Urška Zorin (I.G. @urskazorin) at HG Studio. Production. Simon Cirkulan (I.G. at VOOM Management.

Exclusive for Vanity Teen!

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