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NBA Draft 2020: Will You Remember Them This Way? NBA Draft 2020: Will You Remember Them This Way? Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine


NBA Draft 2020: Will You Remember Them This Way?

NBA Draft 2020
©NBA 2020

Dreams come true when they are the result of hardworking. This year 60 young guys felt a rush of happiness as they were summoned and selected in the 2020 NBA Draft during an event that took place at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY, on November the 18th 2020.

Out of those 60 new NBA draftees, 14 were not born in the United States and we will talk about them, because succeeding when you are abroad might need an extra push.

As you know being selected to be part of any team of the NBA is a life-changing moment for every basketball player out there. Just a few weeks ago we talked about how LeBron James is a worldwide famous athlete who recently published a children’s book that also made him a bestselling author. In 2003 when he was drafted, who knew the 18 years old LeBron would become the mega star he is nowadays.

NBA: LeBron James
LeBron James, old picture via Twitter

When saying Antetokounmpo I bet you have heard his name

Another example of dreams came true is Giannis Antetokounmpo, the Greek NBA player who was drafted in 2013 and has been the Most Valuable Player in the 2019 season and once more in 2020, plus he has received more than ten basketball-related awards ever since.

If you look at one of Giannis’ first pictures on social media you might consider that back then it would be hard to image what the future was holding for that young athlete with a pocket full of hopes.

Nevertheless, guess what? Look how life has been treating the young Antetokounmpo:

NBA: Giannis Antetokounmpo 2020
Giannis Antetokounmpo in 2020 via Instagram

Is the dream just beginning?

As I said before, the idea behind this article is focusing on the new NBA draftees, especially on those 14 who keep their birthplace nationalities, because, being honest, 2020 has been a great year for international athletes in the NBA particularly for the descendants of Nigeria, even though not all of them have their parents’ nationalities.

Let us see pictures of those 14 international basketball players, one old and one new of each, but let me tell you the new ones were posted after they were drafted. Therefore, let us get into the word they wanted us to appreciate on their social media and let us be witness of some great legacies that are about to start.

1. The one with style

Killian Hayes, 19 years old, from France, used to play in the Ratiopharm, Germany, selected by the Detroit Pistons.

One from the past:

After the draft:

2. The one who is all about the body

Deni Avdija from Israel, 19 years old, used to be part of the Maccabi Tel Aviv, selected by the Washington Wizards.

In simpler times:

After the draft:

3. The simple guy

Aleksej Pokuševski, 18 years old, from Serbia, used to play in the Olympiacos, Greece, selected by the Minnesota Timberwolf.

An old one:

That one he posted after the draft:

4. The one who loves school

Josh Green, Australia, 20 years old; former player in the University of Arizona, selected by the Dallas Mavericks.

One from his school days:

Look at him now:

5. The one who likes to inspire others

Precious Achiuwa, from Nigeria, 21 years old. He used to play in the University of Memphis and was selected by the Miami Heats.

When he could wander around:

No he cannot hide that smile:

6. The new face of Latin Americans

Leandro Bolmaro, 20 years old, from Argentina; he used to be a player in the FC Barcelona Baloncesto. He was selected by the New York Knicks.

From other times:

After the draft:

7. The one who looks friendly

Udoka Azubuike, 21 years old, from Nigeria, former player in the Kansas University team, selected by the Utah Jazz.

Back then:

Right after the draft:

8. The one who only posts about basketball

Théo Maledon, 19 years old, from France, used to play in the ASVEL Lyon-Villeurbanne, selected by the Philadelphia 76ers.

Years ago:

After he was selected:

9. The young guy who loves his family

Vít Krejčí, from Czech Republic, 20 years old. He used to play in Zaragoza.  He was selected by the Washington Wizards.

Few years ago:

What he posted after the draft:

10. The one who loves nature

Nick Richards, 22 years old, from Jamaica, used to play in Kentucky University. He was selected by the New Orleans Pelicans.

Some time ago:

After been selected:

11. The quite one

Marko Simonović, from Montenegro, 21 years old, used to play in the Mega Soccerbert, selected by the Chicago Bulls.

Before the NBA:

The one published by his former team when they found out the news:

NBA: Marko Simonovic
Marko Simonović and friends by the Mega Soccerbert team via Twitter

12. The Funny one

Jordan Nwora, from Nigeria, 22 years old, used to play in the Louisville University. He was selected by the Milwaukee Bucks.

This one form the past:

After the draft:

13. The one with the private accounts

Yam Madar, 19 years old, from Israel, used to play for the Hapoel Tel Aviv and he was selected by the Boston Celtics.

Yes, by now you can see his pictures if he accepts your request, so I bring you two public pictures mister Madar also posted on his social networks.

The old one:

NBA: Yam Madar
Yam Madar by his old team the Hapoel Tel Aviv via Twitter

The latest:

14. The one from Tuscany

Nico Mannion, 19 years old, was born in Italy and used to play in the University of Arizona; he was selected by the Golden State Warriors.

One from the past:

That picture to remember:

Is it me or there is joy on their faces?

As you can see they look like common guys fighting for their dreams, but we know their journey has just begun and there are lots of things coming on their ways, so here in Vanity Teen we wish them the best.

So far we have some questions:

Will one of them become your new favorite player? Will some of them get into the fashion industry? Who will be the first one to publish a book? Are we seeing the next MVP? How many rings will they get in their careers?

But the most important question is:

Will we remember them this way?

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