Did you know they published books in 2020? Did you know they published books in 2020? Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

Did you know they published books in 2020?

You may know Lili Reinhart, Mena Massoud, Lana Del Rey and LeBron James for their other activities but they did not waste time during this stranger-than-fiction year to publish four books you might come to love so bad.

Here on Vanity Teen we want to offer a review of their books hoping you could notice the importance of reading as much as these celebrities did.

Swimming Lessons (2020) by Lili Reinhart

Lili Reinhart probably is one of the most famous faces of the hit TV show Riverdale (2017), and you may also remember her for the movie Hustlers (2019), but with Swimming Lessons you would be able to know a more intimate persona of herself.

Her poetry book feels like a confession to a close friend and in it she expresses her thoughts about how writing and reading poems can help us dealing with mental issues and some feelings that might keep us feeling down.

On one hand, she talks about how special is reading others and hear the voices of those who feel the same way you do; on the other, she denotes as how cozy it is listening to the inner you through verses that bring us together whether you are experiencing happiness or sorrow.

Swimming Lessons is full of images that make us think of different ways love can be represented. It is a book for those who can appreciate beauty in personal nostalgia.

Evolving Vegan (2020) by Mena Massoud

From Jack Ryan (2018) to Aladdin (2019) you might be following Mena Massoud’s acting career but this guy decided not to keep his healthy habits to himself and bring us a quite particular cooking book.

Evolving Vegan is not just another cooking book is a personal invitation to do better for the planet. Mister Massoud tries his best to show us that eating plant-based food can be delicious, funny and easier than most people think.

On his book he explains the recipes you will find inside are given from the chefs themselves or are adaptations of food he has eaten in some of his favorite restaurants all over the United States.

One thing the actor keeps in mind, declares and proves in Evolving Vegan is that the book is not for fancy cooks pretending to raise some culinary bar, but for everyday people who what to be kind to others, discover new flavors, save time and stay healthy while protecting the environment.

What I like the most of this book is how Mena Massoud tells us his personal story through the food he has eaten: from the particular food he ate growing up as an Egyptian kid in America to the all of the things he likes to eat when feeling festive, when in a rush, when in a candy rush or while working out.

Do you want to try out new approaches to cooking food that usually are not plant-based and get to know Mena Massoud a little closer? Do not miss out the opportunity of reading his book.

Violet Bent Backwards Over the Grass (2020) by Lana Del Rey

Do you love Lana Del Rey? Because there is a chance this book makes you love her even more.

As you know she is worldly famous for her music, vintage aesthetic and classic-Hollywood-like videos. Although this time the artist share with us a poetry book that evokes how the simplicity of life can make us realize there is beauty lying in ordinary things that have been always there and we may have forgotten.

Her poems show us some of the fancy nihilism of looking life in retrospection and realize how we have changed; As you might expected, of course, it would not be a Lana Del Rey’s book without a look inside her vulnerabilities and a glance of her loving memories being told through her wistful Americana imaginarium.

It is Lana Del Rey writing poems – need I say more?

I Promise (2020) by LeBron James

Nowadays it is impossible to talk about sports without mentioning LeBron James, the NBA champion who brought back the glory days to the Los Angeles Lakers.

Last year we also saw him stepping in the fashion industry with his UNKNWN collection; but this 2020 the basketball star brings us a children’s book specially thought for teaching social values to those who are starting to read.

LeBron’s book is full of positive attitudes that might help children be better citizens and go for their dreams. Nevertheless, part of the magic of the book is due to her illustrator: Nina Mata, a bestselling artist who spreads joy, diversity and acceptance in every drawing.

I Promise is an invitation to be part of a world where you can accept others as they are, be a better version of yourself and stay focused in accomplishing your goals.

One last thing

For me it is really exciting when famous people promote reading, they influence others to read and we know books are not known for doing harm; besides, finding beauty everywhere, keep looking for love, stay healthy, be kind to others and never give up are the kind of messages we would like to hear (or read) in a year that apparently got here to make us evaluated what are the important things in life.


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