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Motoguo Reveals Their Latest S/S 2023 Collection

Para-Para Phantasia is motoguo’s newest collection, maintaining its unique and innovative designs as well as its whimsical pieces. They never fail to amaze us! Since 2015, the label has been breaking the fashion scene with its creative pieces, intricately moulding art into fashion for a sense of identity. Their pieces are colourful, and nostalgic, with a hint of cynism. Vanity Teen had the chance to speak to motoguo for further insight into their newest collection!

Your new SS23 collection is here! There’s a bright and childlike vibe fuelled by a blurred line between imagination and reality. It is unique and innovative. How would you describe your recent collection?

Innocence with a twist of perversity is how we would describe the collection, but more pertinent than ever through the erratic yet imaginative eyes of a child in this collection. The underlying theme of “Phantasia” extends itself to the appearance of imaginary friends. Personification of toys, crayon marks and hidden easter eggs are adopted abundantly to showcase the presence of an imaginary figure lurking around the collection. Maleficent or benevolent, that’s a question for another day.


The collection is said to combine a sense of nostalgia with a playful sense of imagination and colours. What impacted or inspired you the most when it came to curating this collection?

Para Para Phantasia’s overarching theme is extracted from Kinder’s personal experience of a dream birthed from a looming source of intense stress. The fine line between reality and dream state is further blurred when he experiences a foreshadowing of events that links closely to his predicament in real life. This bizarre phenomenon brought forth the season’s theme of dreams and imagination as the label flirts with the idea of “Phantasia”.


Your brand is known for showcasing whimsical designs with a hint of cynicism. Tell me more about what your brand stands for and the impact you would like your past and current collections to make!

Our brand stands for appreciating the sentimental value in every piece. We often feel the industry is moving at a pace that is unsustainable with trends that come and go in the blink of an eye. It is our north star to take things slow in our collection, giving every design the chance to breathe and live out its potential.

With collections such as your recent SS23 collection, there is a nostalgic and childlike vibe within each garment, it looks amazing! What would you say your creative process is when it comes to curating designs for a collection and choosing specific colours and patterns for garments?

Most of our garments take inspiration from the details of vintage clothing, we find serene happiness in the subtle nostalgic qualities from clothing of the past. We always joke about using “all the colours in the world” in our collection, which is true to some degree from the abundance of colours present in our collection.

Regarding your recent SS23 collection and previous collections you have made, what would you define as your favourite part when designing garments for a new collection?
Our favourite part of the process is print design and fabrication. We never fail to surprise ourselves in the discovery process of juxtaposing unconventional colours and prints, it is during this process that the essence of motoguo truly comes alive.

Read more about the collection on motoguo’s website linked here!

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