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Michael Samperi: driven by passion and discipline

Michael Samperi is a young martial artist driven by passion and discipline. He happens to be also a model, and he uses his determination to do his best in both professional activities.

We had a conversation for this edition of Vanity Teen, and he was open about how he sees that, in life, we should commit to our passions and be practical and methodical if we want to achieve our goals. Similarly, Michael Samperi has let us explore a little how is like the mind of a fighter who perceives martial arts as a legacy he respectfully has been preserving.

So, we gladly invite you to keep reading this article to know a little better about this champion who celebrates life as his most gratifying reward.

Michael Samperi
Michael Samperi | Photos by Alberto Leo

Never give up

VT: How did you find out martial arts was one of your biggest passions?

MS: I was very influenced by the environment where I was raised, as my father is a recognized International Muay Thai Master. So, I can say that I started to train from the moment I was able to walk; of course, for me, it started as a game, but with the years past and the right influence, it has become my lifestyle.

VT: What have you learned in your path through championships and international competitions?

MS: I have learned to never give up and always stay focused on my goal, and valorize dedication and hard work, which in the long run pays off way more than talent; they keep you up on the hardest and somehow difficult days.

Michael Samperi
Michael Samperi | Photos by Alberto Leo

VT: According to your experience, what are the most challenging things you have faced in sports?

MS: Besides fighting very tough opponents that most of the time become friends and brothers to me, the real challenge most of the time is outside the ring, as to keep high standards, I always have to be at the pick of my performance.

The most challenging experience I faced was participating in the junior world championships in Bangkok in March 2018. I still was 17 years old and won two titles, fighting in two different competitions: Muay Thai and K1. It was very hard and difficult since I had to fight in a tournament with many fighters in five days without recovery. But in the end, I felt in heaven because it was an amazing experience.

Driven by passion and discipline

VT: How do you prepare for a fight?

MS: I have a diet I follow to keep me fit and on the right weight for competitions.
I train every day, and I have periodizations to follow: strength, explosiveness, speed, and technique.

Michael Samperi
Michael Samperi | Photos by Alberto Leo

VT: How did you get into modeling and the fashion industry?

MS: By chance! I met the Dsquared2 brothers, and shortly after, they asked me if I was available to do a photo shooting for a magazine with Giampaolo Sgura. From there, it all started because, later, they introduced me to the Urbn Models Agency, and, slowly, I began to work in this sector.

VT: Both activities are demanding. So, how do you manage to give your best at both?

MS: Both the activities that I’m involved in have one thing in common: they are very dynamic and challenging. And, as I took challenges since the moment I was born, literally. I’m driven by passion and discipline. That’s how I manage them.

Like any other boy

VT: Thinking about your previous answers, how do you take care of your mental health?

MS: Rest is a very important process in the life of a fighter. So, finding the balance between rest and training is crucial during my period of rest. I live like any other boy of my age, enjoying the company of friends and relatives in different activities, but when it is time to train, as a machine, I switch on the button, and I live just for that.

VT: Which plans do you have for the future?

MS: Keep fighting with the goal to reach one of the best promotions keeping a good balance in both the fighting and modeling world.

VT: Which message would you like to share with those who might want to start a career in martial arts?

MS: Just go for it, try and have fun in the process. If you want to take it as a career, you need to find, besides the passion, a strong why that defines your goals. And, one more thing, talent can be a good tool, but it will always be outshined by two things: strong dedication and hard work. So, put those in place with a why, and you will see that there are no limits that you cannot surpass, not only in sport but in anything in life.

VT: Anything else you would like to share with Vanity Teen?

MS: I want to say thanks to Vanity Teen for asking about my life and then sharing it with you.

Michael Samperi
Michael Samperi | Photos by Alberto Leo

Before we go

Michael Samperi invites us to never give up, but he does not intend to remind us of such a phrase as something meaningless everyone says. Life has put challenges and situations he had to overcome, so he knows from experience that persistence is the way to go.

Like him, you might want to pursue a career in martial arts or be a fighter and a model or a nurse and a wrestler. Or maybe, you would like to be a firefighter and a writer. It does not matter how apart you might feel those occupations may seem; we want you to know that the only thing you have to do is remember to follow your interests, the ones you honestly care about and let yourself be driven by passion and discipline.

To stay tuned with Michael Samperi and get to know more about his fights and upcoming competitions, you can follow him on social media @michael__samperi.

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