Simon Julius Jørgensen |  Height 186cm | Instagram. @SIMON.JULIUS.JOERGENSEN


Scouted in Odense during Grøn Koncert, a music festival that takes place in July on different cities of Denmark, the gorgeous Simon Julius Jørgensen became in August Denmark’s Elite Model Look 2015 winner, but getting there was certainly not easy. 

The 21-year-old model with flawless skin, in order to represent his country at the World Final, had to compete against 200 contestants before entering the boot camp. By uploading a 30-second video in Ubiione (an app use by the model agency in Denmark), Simon had to do a brief introduction of himself and show his model skills by doing a fashion walk and displaying some attitude. You can download the application if you want to watch Simon’s catwalk, but in case you can’t, here it is a video that shows why Simon is worth to be on the finals.


As you can see, Denmark is coming with all this year, and Simon has all the qualities that makes him a tough contender. He is currently in Milan at the World Final  boot camp along  his female counterpart Freja, and things seem to be going well for him, as he has been appearing in some of the latest post that Elite has uploaded on their website. 

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We wish Simon good look at the upcoming final!

 Special thanks to Ditte Mail at Elite Model Management Copenhagen.
Simon EML
Source. Elite Model Look Official Website