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How fashion is going to be influenced by pandemic masks How fashion is going to be influenced by pandemic masks Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine


How fashion is going to be influenced by pandemic masks

This pandemic situation we are living in is going to stay with us for quite some time, and so will one of the most iconic elements of this moment: masks.

Even though masks have been used before as an accessory for urban style to complete the industrial aesthetic of the outfit, we are now using them with another purpose. Before this pandemic, it was weird seeing somebody wearing a mask just for fun but there were some that were pretty awesome and took the look a little further, achieving a never before seen aesthetic. However, we are going to need to include these masks not only for urban outfits but for our daily life. So how are we going to look with these masks? Will our style change?

Face mask

First of all, the mask market is going to increase more than it is doing now and lots of brands will sell their own versions and designs. Of course, big fashion houses will come up with designs with their worldwide known patterns -Louis Vuitton, Gucci or Chanel- and will be sold as a exclusive item, but of course there will be lots of options.

It may seem that masks can only be plain -which sometimes is great- but more and more designs are going to come up very soon. For example masks with decorations on it such as flowers for a cute design or with safety pins for a more hardcore vibe. It will all depend on the style you want to wear.

But will these masks become part of the next fashion runways? Probably yes. As we mentioned before, they have already been used as an accessory and many people owned one before the pandemic. What makes you think big fashion houses won’t take this niche market to exploit its resources?

Runway model wearing a face mask

Imagine the French house Balmain designing masks with its iconic style, with crystals and reflecting materials making a mosaic, with lots of materials and very overloaded. Or a Versace runway with its iconic golden baroque patterns with the model wearing a black mask or one with a medusa head on it. It would just be a stunning combination.

There is no doubt designers like Virgil Abloh for the house Off-White are going to go hard in this matter. It is their so valued aesthetic and for sure they are going to be the ones to take the most advantage of this situation for sure.

Off-White face mask

How will our lives be affected by this matter? We won’t be able to recognize somebody on the streets because half of his face is covered and maybe our social relations will be colder. However, we must see masks as a life savior because they truly are and we need to live with them as better as we can. That’s why we need to see masks as another new accessory for our outfits.

This way we won’t see masks as a harming element to our lives but as a good thing. In a few years time we will see everybody wearing face masks as today we see people wearing glasses or bags, just that also this new accessory saves lives.

Everyone needs to be aware of what they can achieve wearing this masks. Besides that, buying masks with amazing designs that will make us want to wear them as today happens with a shirt will make this job easier. In conclusion, masks are here to stay maybe longer than you thought, not only because of the pandemic but for the beneficial results it has on everyone, mainly in big cities. By wearing masks you prevent getting sick and not breathing the cities’ pollution. Hearing this maybe more than one person wants to wear masks for a little bit longer.

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