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Martial Spirit by Jose Mata

The gorgeous model Samuel Betancourt @samcourt2.0, who is represented by Bookings IMA @bookingsima, portrays that inner warrior we all have inside. Martial Spirit, a fashion editorial exclusively created for Vanity Teen online by Venezuela-based photographer Jose Mata @josematafotografia shows that beautiful and necessary side of us, that martial spirit we all have through these beautiful shots.

“Having the martial spirit is like being the traveler who walks up a mountain, a mountain of knowledge. Its beauty attracts us from afar and encourages us to get closer and begin its climb. Over time we see that progress is slow, laborious, full of discomfort and pain, although it is important to enjoy the trip since the more we advance we obtain knowledge and power inside and outside of our being.”

Samuel wears his full white martial arts uniform with the black belt and practices the swift and powerful moves of the martial arts by the shore of a very beautiful lake. The sunset light provides that mysterious atmosphere that transports us to a very beautiful and peaceful place, where everything is calm. He then undresses and puts on his workout clothes to exercise his body and prepare for his combat. Sweaty after the workout, he swims in the lake with his white underwear on to wipe off his sweat.

In charge of the styling was Alejandro Palma @alejandropalmav who did a great job portraying this beautiful and sexy story they have created. In charge of the makeup was Maria Fernanda Martino @mafemartino who also did an amazing job to perfect the model’s skin. This gorgeous fashion editorial was shot in a very beautiful lake in Venezuela.

Model Samuel Betancourt @samcourt2.0 represented by Bookings IMA @bookingsima photographed by Jose Mata @josematafotografia styled by Alejandro Palma @alejandropalmav makeup by Maria Fernanda Martino @mafemartino in Venezuela. Exclusive for Vanity Teen online!

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